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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hawks win!

The Jackets get the help they needed tonight as the Chicago Blackhawks knock off the Nashville Predators 3-1 (with the help of an empty net).

The win keeps the Preds 4 points behind the Jackets in 9th place.

You can expect one desperate Preds hockey team tomorrow night in Nashville. The Jackets will need their A-game and will need to weather that first 10 minutes. The Jackets will need to be opportunistic (i.e. no posts just the back of nets) and Mase will once again have to be the man. Get those ugly goals on Rinne like we did on Tuesday boys!

Updated standings:
1. y-San Jose7751113
2. y-Detroit7749107
3. x-Vancouver774294
4. x-Calgary784494
5. x-Chicago764193
6. Columbus774088
7. Anaheim784086
8. St. Louis783885
9. Nashville773884
10. Minnesota783783
11. Edmonton783681
12. Dallas783478
13. Phoenix783475
14. Los Angeles773173
15. Colorado773164

On a side note with the win the 'hawks just clinched a spot in the Western Conference playoffs for the first time in 7 years. Perhaps we can catch them sleeping on Sunday but for now all of the Jackets focus must be on the Preds -- that game is going to be two cars colliding at 100 mph.

I'll have more tomorrow.


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