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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stat of the day

A couple of interesting stats I wanted to point out. Both of these courtesy of HF:

This first one from Wings GM Ken Holland who was on Toronto Fan590:

Mase vs. Osgood Save % the last 10 games:
Osgood .917
Mason .897

This one is from a poster named Goliemon89:

Second half record:
DET: 22-14-5 (49)
CBJ: 22-13-6 (50)



Barga said...

Wow, that first part is surprising and really scary. Seriously, Osgood is doing that well?

As for the second, damn right we have a slightly better record...

Always remember, EA has us winning in game 6

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Steve Hruby said...

It should read:

DET: 22-14-5 (49)
CBJ: 22-13-6 (50)

Apparently I can't add