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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The long wait is over Columbus.... you ready to dance!?

This guy is!

Let's have some fun with this Columbus...and....




Pub said...

I am so damn excited for this game!!!

Anonymous said...

Blue Jackets Drinking Game:

1) Every time Jeff Rimmer says "young Mason" : 1 Drink

2) Every time Danny Gare says "Johnny on the Spot" : 1 Drink

3) Every time Danny Gare makes references to "die hard Jackets (emphasizing Jackets) fans" :1 Drink

4) Every time Jim Day has an inside joke with a player: 1 Drink

5) Every time Jeff Rimmer miscalls a jersey number: 1 Drink

6) Every time Danny Gare says "Ricky" when talking about Rick Nash: 1 Drink

7) Every time Danny Gare comments on the "keys to the game," saying "those are great keys": 1 Drink

8) Every time Jeff Rimmer laughs while game action is going on: 1 Drink

9) Every time Jim Day yells random sentances during pre and in-game commentary: 1 Drink

10) Every time Danny Gare disagrees with a blatent penalty: 1 Drink

11) Every time Jeff Rimmer kisses up to a between-period guest: 2 Drinks

12) Every time Jeff Rimmer name drops: 2 Drinks

13) Every time Danny Gare screws up the telestrator: 2 Drinks

14) Every time Jeff Rimmer refers to someone as his "good friend": 2 Drinks

15) Every time a player tells Jim Day "Thanks Jim Day": 2 Drinks

16) Every commercial for 3 Drinks

17) Every time Jeff Rimmer discusses the greatness of Roberto Luongo: 3 Drinks

18) Every time Danny Gare screams "Rick Nash burries the cash": 3 Drinks

19) Every time Jeff Rimmer tells a story instead of calling a goal: 4 Drinks

20) Every time the name "Doug MacLean" is uttered: 5 Drinks

JAL said...
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JAL said...

Very nice!! How about this one:

Every time Danny Gare uses the term "finishability" -- 4 drinks.

Go Jackets!!
A Shot From The PointInside Hockey

gsparky said...

Hot DAMN I am fired up after that video of Blue Hair Guy. Those are some sweet moves, Tex!

lggrove city said...

what if everytime danny gare's telestrator works ok

10 drinks
dont worry its never happend

every time danny gare says "thats a hell of a shot"
well i agree
bathroom break

jemhuff said...

"goal mouth pass" should be added

rocket said...

#10 is by far my favorite... I love those guys.

How about every time Jeff Rimmer also says "young Voracek"

Anonymous said...

16) Every commercial for 3 Drinks

I don't think the type that uses to find a soulmate is the same type that watches CBJ hockey...I don't know, that is just me.

Those city folks just don't get it.

soultrain said...


Nice shout out in the dispatch today. Not a great result last night after they got away from their game, but the first half showed they can compete. The Malhotra goal was a back breaker because it was in Mase's glove had he let it go, routine save. Have to be ready for game 2 and try to even things up coming back to the Bus. Way to represent in the Joe last night, good TV time from Versus, not sure about the local broadcast. Wish there would have been a little more grit in the final 5 minutes just to send a message for the rest of the series, but guess they don't have the experience to make those things happen yet. GO JACKETS!!!

LTL said...

Thanks soul.

I'll have a post about the game here in a bit..

Meanwhile I'm tryin to rehydrate and wipe away the memories of my special post game "tour" of the lower levels of the Joe last night. Ugh.


DP@WFNY said...


Game recap (including comments-shout-out to LTL's Twitter feed) from WFNY here.

I hate that this team still has the "wind out of sails" moments when they give up an unfortunate goal.

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