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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random thoughts - post clinch edition

* Kind of nice to no longer be a running joke in the league eh? How do you like us now Mr. Hull!!

* Remember the "golf swing" gesture last year that the Flames were rubbing in the Jackets faces as they missed the playoffs yet again... I do.

* The draft? What draft? The only draft I'm worried about is the one being poured during our first home playoff game.. woot!!

* For all you fans who have been there since day 1 -- it's been a long time comin so soak it all up...!!

* Who is growing playoff beards? Better yet who is dying them blue?

* Who is making a home-made Stanley Cup?

* What are your plans for the first home game? All I know is at least one vaca day is getting burned as I'm gonna enjoy every single second of that day.

* It is indeed a real bummer Mr. Mac couldn't be here to enjoy this.

* Even wonder how Jan Hejda's plus/minus of +23 is so much better than Mike Commodore's +11 since they pretty much play in every situation together? Commodore turned in a solid season mind you but that just never really jived with me.

* Didn't hear much talk about this squad being out of shape this season did we? Seems our management and training staff are doing their jobs.

* Not a whole lot of talk about bad breakout and missed passes either. Sure the Jackets had some off games but this team has come a long way in those areas.

* This series should be dubbed "The Battle of the Cocks".... as in Bab and Hitch. Somewhere, some player on each side is agreeing with me.

* I'm still waiting for the day for someone sitting behind the Jackets bench to hold up a sign that says "Hitch's cockpit"...

* Remember when Babcock made the snide comment a year or two ago saying losely that the Jackets better watch what they are doing as they could ruin their draft selection... I sure do.

* Will Gary Bettman get booed in Nationwide? As I've stated before... I hope not as he's a big reason why Columbus even has an NHL team. I'll give him a yip and yell.

* I've got an idea for a new VH1 - Where are they now? (do they even show those anymore?).... Doug MacLean.

* I wonder how season ticket renewals and new sales are going?

* How big would it be to get Juice, Modin and Brassard back in the lineup in this series? I'm drooling over the thought of getting Brass back.. I think he can handle it.... and Modin's game is built for the playoffs.

* I wonder how ole 52 feels about the Jackets clinch? Quite frankly with a new GM taking over at mile high I wouldn't be suprised to hear the word "buy out" enter the converstations in relation to Captain Coward.

* I didn't get a chance to mention it yet but I thought game ops picked up their game in the season finale. The opening montage to "For Those About to Rock"... well, rocked! Heck they even showed penalty replays! Keep it going folks!

* Please no Ohio State/Michigan references at the playoffs. Let's please focus on the budding Jackets/Wings rivalry... give me a replay of Maltby's cheap shot on Klesla from a few years back... that will fire that building right up!

* Should the Jackest fail to make it to the Stanley Cup finals they will pick 16th in this year's NHL draft according to this web site. They also own the 77th, 94th, 137th, 167th and 197th picks which translates to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th rounds.

* According to the poll some 33% of ya are making the trip tomorrow... way to represent everyone!! Keep this in mind as well... the Jackets fans you see in Detroit you know are the ones who traveled to see their squad.. Think Detroit fans will drive to Columbus to see the Wings..? Considering they won't even sell out their home games I'm guessing a resounding NO! The Wings fans we will see locally will be of the local bandwagon/turncoat variety.

* For the record the Wings fans in Detroit are MUCH classier than the group that shows up in Columbus... although I suspect some of that to change with the stakes raised.



Barga said...

I know I am missing something; why is Hitch either a phallic object or a fighting rooster? Also, what is with the cockpit reference?

I am bringing a home made stanley cup, though I am sure it will not be allowed in

Will be at the games, probably at work first then hitting up the bars in the district. So glad that our first playoff year is a little more than a month after I turned 21

Hey, this text is blue, that means CLICKIE

Michael said...

Barga - cockpit is obvious. Ken Hitch COCKpit. Its in his name and its also literal meaning thats where he operates the team. And will they allow fans to bring in home made stanley cups ltl?

LTL said...

Thanks for the assist Michael on the "cockpit" reference.

As far as the home made cups I would think as long as we keep them within our seat area we should be gold.

Now that said Nationwide can be tricky with such things.

I'll email them later today.


Barga said...

Holy flying cow batman, that was so obvious that it totally flew over my head
I feel so bloody stupid now...

Man, I was hoping to toss mine onto the ice right after a Red Wings fan tosses an octopuss

Julie said...

Hey all Jackets fans incapable of growing a beard - a few of us girls wanted to work on what our "playoff beards" might be and we decided that as we weren't going to quit shaving our legs we were going to wear blue fingernail polish till the end. So join us in our mission to make a run on blue nail polish in Columbus and help support our Jackets in their run for the Cup!