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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let the good times roll!

They did it.... after 9 long years the Columbus Blue Jackets have clinched a berth in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time in their history!

...and I think I can speak for Jacket nation out there when I say how sweet it is!!

Now on to the best game review I've ever had the pleasure to write.



* Rick Nash.. the monster.. Captain Columbus... how fitting that he scores the tying goal late in the 3rd to gain that final point that guaranteed this franchise the playoffs for the first time ever.

* Congrats to Scott Howson and Ken Hitchcock... they rebuilt this thing and it has come!

* Mase... two words.. thank you!

* Not to be overlooked was how Jared Boll changed the tide of that game with this second period scrap. It was the perfect time in that game to get in a dust up and Ben Eager is one tough customer.

* How cool was it to see how giddy the TV guys were after the Jackets clinched? It's been a long time comin for those guys too!

* The Jackets showed the kind of resiliency that they've shown all year... down by two goals this team was not going to be denied... that my friends, is a game you keep on your DVR until your hard drive crashes!!

* Antoinne Vermette... more like give Antoinne "give me a red" Vermette... why? Because this guy performed like a top of the line automobile.. a key goal to get the Jackets on the board... a beautiful setup on Williams goal... big minutes in every situation.. fantastic game for 50.

* I roasted Hitch for his Novotny pick.. now he looks like a genius for going w/ Tytuin.. In Hitch I should know better to Trust

* All 120 of you folks who joined me on the live blog... and to all you folks rockin out at the R Bar! ...and better yet to all you folks who actually made the trip to Chicago -- well done!! Green lights to everyone!!

* A lot of times you don't even notice Jason Williams out there and then all of a sudden.. he pops a monster goal home.

* Jackets were disciplined only taking 3 minor penalties and two of those were "good" penalties. PK did it's job to kill em off... actually he PK was fantastic and has been fantastic for a while now.

* There wasn't anything keeping Jan Hejda out of that game... not even 10 to 12 stitches... love that guy!!

* Kris Russell was all over the ice creating offense... keep pushing Russ as they are eventually gonna goin in!

* Credit to the 'hawks... they sure didn't look like a team that played the night before.

* Lots of defensive breakdowns that need cleaned up.

* Tough night containing Kane-Toews-Havlat line.

* How could I possibly post a negative after a game like this? GO JACKETS!

1. Stanley
2. Cup
3. Playoffs!

Still some unfinished work to do as the Jackets need 1 more point over their last 2 games to lock up 6th position and avoid the Sharks/Wings in the first round.

This is finally real Jacket fans! After years and years of broken promises and disappointment it's finally our turn!

This one is for you Mr. Mac.. for you Ryan Salmons...for the members of the orgnanization who work so hard and for the players who got it done on the ice...for ownership who invested millions... to Nationwide for giving us such a beautiful arena and district to enjoy...but most importantly its for all you Jacket fans who have stuck by this team for so many long years!!

Let's rock the house on Saturday and show the boys how much we are behind them and appreciate the season they gave us!

Lord Stanley..... let me officially introduce you to the great city of Columbus!

With the playoff goal achieved.. your next!




Puck Central said...

Congratulations on making the playoffs Columbus fans!

Lane said...

we want foil!

Matt said...

Wish I could have seen it. FSn was showing the dReds. Rimmer said Directv was going to show the game on the alternate feed, ch 680. Yup, it was listed there but could not watch it, "channel not purchased".

Spent 45 minutes on the phone with Directv, got mysteriously "disconnected". Didn't bother to call back, customer service was useless anyway even 2nd level. And do you think he called me back??? yeah right.

rocket said...

I just want to give a huge thanks to LTL for suggesting to me that the Jackets game was on channel 99 in Cinci last night... since the reds game was on FSN.


LTL said...

No problem Rocket.

We are all one big Jackets family!


DP@WFNY said...

I agree, LTL, best recap I have ever gotten to write this morning!

Will be there Saturday, and I can't wait to see the arena for Game 3!

WFNY Recap Here


Max said...

I'm gonna have to make my replica Stanley Cup.... Now, what materials to use....