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Friday, April 10, 2009

Pre-game thoughts: Jackets look to make a point

It's the Jackets turn not to get caught sleeping.

After an emotional historic win in Chicago on Wednesday night the Jackets battle the Blues in St. Louis.

The Blues have beaten the Jackets black and blue the past 7 straight contests at Scottrade. In fact the Jackets are just 1-3-1 against the Blues this year.

In short -- they have owned us.

The Jackets need one more point over the last two games to lock up 6th overall in the Western Conference standings.

* Can't get caught looking ahead at the bright lights of the NHL playoffs. Still plenty of work left to be done to lock up 6th place.

* The Jackets defense needs make good smart plays under pressure. The Blues forecheck is relentless and they are praying on turnovers in our zone.

* The best defense is a good offense. The Jackets need to throw the Blues game right back in their faces... cycle pucks.. use your size.. gets pucks to the net and create traffic in front of the bad Mason.

* A storm will be brewing in the first 10 minutes. This is the Blues regular season home finale and a playoff berth is on the line.. they want this one bad. The Jackets will need to play smart Hitch hockey... don't give them the time/space... see if their nerves catch up to them with some much on the line and capitalize on their mistakes... and for puck's sake no posts!!

* Watch for those cross ice passes for the 1 timer on the PP... the Blues like to get the goaltenders moving with the man advantage and have burned us quite a bit on that play.

* Get an early goal and shut that crowd up.

* Our Mase is better than yours! Nah nah nah nah nah naaah! At least he's need to be tonight!

* Nasher is 1 goal away from the 40 mark.... hey, why not notch it tonight. That said there are some droughts that need to end on this squad... Russ, Chimera, Peca, Methot, Commodore and Boll are a few that come to mind. Let's get some new heros!

Will the big forwards on the blues overwhelm the Jackets in what will most certainly be a playoff style game? The Blues certainly have more to play for... so how I'll be watching how the Jackets respond to being on the other side of this playoff race.

I'll be making a stop by at the Jacket Backers viewing party. Hope to see you there!

If not, we'll see you on Saturday at the R and Garage bars!


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JAL said...

I'll see you at the viewing party -- maybe we can finally get a chance to chat!!!

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