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Monday, April 13, 2009


I thought it would be fun to go back and take a look at a previous post I wrote at the beginning of the season titled "10 bold predictions".

The next question is do I get to crow or eat it? Let's take a look with reactions in blue.

1. The powerplay finishes top 15 for the year.
Yikes... way off.

2. Rick Nash, with increased talent around him, notches 50 goals on the nose.
Well he got to 40 but Juice didn't have quite the impact on his goal total that I was anticipating.

3. Jan Hejda scores a goal!
He not only scored 1... he ended up with 3 big ones!

4. The Jackets go .500 or better on the road.
They gave it a good run but came up short going 16-18-7.

5. Pascal Leclaire stays healthy the entire season.
Ouch... can I get cheese on that crow?

6. Expect the Jackets to be buyers at this year's deadline if they are even remotely in the playoff picture. With a year to remake this roster its Howson's squad now and anything short of the playoffs will be a dissapointment and he knows that as well as anyone.
Welcome Antoine "give me a blue?" Vermette! Nailed this one to the gound! Chalk up one for the good guy..yeoow!

7. A Blue Jacket wins the Calder trophy for rookie of the year.
It wasn't who I was expecting but Steve Mason should win this baby. Score!

8. The Jackets will go 3-2-1 against Nashville this season.

9. Manny Malhotra is traded at some point during the season.

10. Jackets start slow out of the gate as they look to build chemistry but find it by game 15 and yes....for the first time in their history make the NHL playoffs as the 8th seed with 93 points. The downside is that the Wings are their first playoff opponent.
I'm not gonna throw my arm out patting myself on the back... but damn.. that was pretty friggan close... I only missed it by a point and unfortunatly even got the first round opponent right.

I'll give myself a score of 5 out of 10 with a couple of just misses.

Fire away - what predictions did you miss/hit?



A Winchester Resident said...

My New Year's resolution was to watch a Jackets' playoff game. Looks like it will finally be something I can accomplish!

I am glad you were wrong about #9.

I am glad you were right about #10. I seem to be the only person who is excited that we match up with Daytwah instead of one of those Canadian teams.

Max said...

Looks like I'm heading up for game 2. Will you be there LTL? Where can I get my Blue Wig? Any other CBJ stuff I should get to rock the Joe?

LTL said...

Great to hear your headed up Max!! I would encourage Jacket fans to take advantage of all the tickets available in "hockey town" and follow your lead!

I'll actually only be there for Game 1 but assuming we don't get swept, I should be there for game 5 next Saturday as well.


LTL said...

Oh as far as stuff to bring a CBJ or Ohio flag (or both) should be a mandatory accessory!

I believe they sell the blue wigs at the blueline if your interested.

I'm personally waiting for folks to break out the blue beards!


Max said...

I started growing mine early... but I don't plan on dying it! Actually... the Jackets didn't play so well when I was growing the beard... hmmmmm

Thanks for the heads up for the gear. I think I'll get a wig and I've got the CBJ flag they gave away opening night 2007.

Beau said...

LTL, where are you going for pre-game on Thursday?

LTL said...

Anchor Bar baby!


RG said...

My friend has a good idea. Bring Blue, Red and electic Green confetti and throw it up in the air after each CBJ goal!

Beau said...

Never been for a game... is ancor bar near the Joe? walking distance?

LTL said...

Beau - I just posted the link to the Anchor Bar in my latest post.

RG - that is a great idea!