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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick hits

These are courtesy of Ryan from a couple of different chat sessions over on ESPN with EJ Hradek and Barry Melrose.

Ryan, Columbus: With the Blue Jackets success this year and young talent within the organization, does Columbus become an attractive team for free agents?

EJ Hradek: (3:26 PM ET ) It's certainly more attractive now. The emergence of rookie goaltender Steve Mason really changed everything in Columbus. Players for the most part want to be in a situation where they can win, and a young goaltender like Mason, so early in his career, will give a team an opportunity to win for a long, long time. There is going to be more of an attraction to go there.

...and we have this one about the attendance, or lack there of, last night:

Stinger (Nationwide Arena): Barry-Attendance last night at the CBJ vs. Preds game was only 14k. Please explain to me why the CBJ fans would not come out for such a huge game?

Barry Melrose: (3:29 PM ET ) That surprises me too, because they have been so loyal for so long and it finally looks like a team will make the playoffs. That surprises me, and even a Preds player said how great the crowd was and how loud it was, so that surprises me

You certainly aren't the only surprised one Barry!

Great stuff Ryan. Thanks for sharing!!


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