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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wanna know why folks hate Wings fans?

Just read this little dozzy here by that hockeyclown named Able To Yzerman. Of course this is the same blowhard who said he didn't have enough time to post after a Wings loss.

What a champ who knows how to win with class eh?

I know there are a lot of classy Wings fans out there.... how?....because I met quite a few during this series.....but it's douchebags like this with their arrogance and pompus attitudes that beg, on all fours with tail wagging, for everyone else to hate them.

Mission accomplished.

Just going out on a limb here but my guess is this particular "fan" jumped on the Wings wagon right around 1997... coincidentally the same year they ended their 41 year cup drought.

As we know karma is a bitch......and it will eventually bite this dude squarly in his winged wheel.

Nobody stays on top forever.



Patrick said...

Absolutely classless. And, I might add, unfunny. And i know funny. I'm a clownfish.

soultrain said...

Those euologies have the potential to be very funny, and as much as I hate being out of the playoffs I was hoping for a laugh. Not sure it was truly classless given the forum it was in, but it was just dumb. I now wish I could get those 5 minutes of my life back.

Paul said...

Remember, folks, Osgood and Conklin are vulnerable. Red Wings fans will be singing a different tune when they're bounced out of the play offs because of weak goaltending. You just know they'd love to have someone like Mase between the pipes.

Hitch Rules said...

Thought you'd all enjoy what I wrote to that D!ck-head:

Hey Able-less to Yzerman: As Woody Hayes once said - for a moron like you, that would have been the fabled OSU coach (he won National Titles, probably something unfamiliar to a bandwagon-jumping tool like you): "Act like you've been here before".

Or, as I told obnoxious Wings fan (funny, they were SO quiet when they got punked, 8-2, in their own house), "You stay classy, Detroit!"

Wally said...

Those were written for Puck Daddy on Yahoo. The ones written for the Blues & the Habs were pretty funny. I was pretty disappointed with the CBJ's.

JenSchwabe said...

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LTL said...

Thanks for the heads up Jen!

I'll put that in a my next post so more eyes can see it!