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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random thoughts

The Jackets have broke the 40 win mark for the first time in their history.

Only 3 Jackets have a chance to play in every game this season. Can you guess em?



..................................................okay...the answers: Jan Hejda, Fedor Tyutin and RJ Umberger.

The Jackets scored just 192 all of last season. This year they have 214 goals scored with 5 games to play. They still have some work to though as that is still the 6th worst goal for in the conference.

On the flip side their 212 goals against is the 6th best in the conference.

The Jackets are 11 games over .500. Think about that for a second? I remember last year I was just hoping the Jackets would finish .500 for the first time in their history. That is a lock to happen this year.

The Caps Mike Green is the first NHL defensemen to score 30 goals since the 92-93 season. That's hard to believe.

The Jackets finally got some help last night when the Blackhawks beat the Blues...and it wasn't a 3 point game....and yes, I'm more concerned about getting in than I am about catching the 'hawks.

Was great to read that RJ Umberger is under consideration for the US Olympic squad next year -- as well he should be. Considering the games will be played in Vancouver on NHL sized ice RJ's game would certainly benefit the US team. He's great in tight areas and has the knack score timely goals in close which is an area that could help the US team.

Speaking of RJ....we all wonder where this team would be without Mase..but where would this team be without Umberger's 26 goals?

Was flipping though the stations on the drive into work today and caught most of Hitch's interview in 92.3. He somewhat addressed the attendance from Tuesday's game and said although the weeknight crowds are smaller he believes those are the die hards.. the folks that have been here since day 1.. when he looks into the crowd he sees the same faces and can tell these folks are living and dying by every shift.

Judging by the poll results not too many folks are worried about that particular game's turnout being a sign of any long term problems for Columbus as a hockey market.

If you aren't happy with the CBJ coverage provided by 97.1 the fan I was given this name to let em hear your thoughts:

Interested in what the Jackets have averaged in local television ratings thus far this season? Thanks to Bara here is the latest:

Jackets games on FOX Sports Ohio have achieved record local ratings this season, with a broadcast household rating at 1.75, which is the highest for a season since the network began televising Blue Jackets games during the inaugural 2000-01 season. In addition, 16 of the top 20 rated Blue Jackets telecasts on FOX Sports Ohio have occurred this season.

"As the cable home of the Blue Jackets, FOX Sports Ohio is delighted to be part of such a thrilling season. We set out to support the team and help make NHL hockey exciting throughout the state of Ohio and our viewing areas by providing the most exciting and informative broadcast for our viewers. And they've acknowledged the effort with very impressive ratings this season," said Henry Ford, senior vice president and general manager of FOX Sports Ohio.

March was the best month in Jackets history as they went 9-4-2.

Here are some d-men stats for you:

Mike Commodore is 6th amongst NHL defensemen with 188 hits. Hejda is 16th with 162.

Commodore is 15th amongst NHL d-men in blocked shots with 152... Hejda is 22nd with 146.

Jan Hejda is 8th amongst NHL d-men with a plus/minus of +23.

Out of the non-rookies, by my count Nash, Tyutin, Hejda, Russell, Boll & Malhotra have all had career seasons in the points department. Umberger could get there with 6 points over the last 5 games. Murray could get there as well with 1 more point.

Speaking of offense -- Commodore's has really dried up down the stretch only recording 2 points over the past 21 games. For the most part he's been a rock defensively though.

The cannon was fired 164 times in its inaugural season (41 home games, 20 home victories, 103 goals scored at home) last year. This year by my count we are at 163 fires with two home games remaining (somebody please keep me honest here as that seems kind of low considering we have 25 home wins thus far).

With 15 road wins that ties the Jackets mark set in the 2006-2007 season. That surprises me a bit that we were able to win that many games on the road in that 73 point year.

As it stands today 3 teams that made the playoffs will not make it this season. Those are Colorado, Dallas and Minnesota.

Speaking of Colorado is the tank job on? They are now the 2nd worst team in the NHL. I really REALLY hope they do not get Tavares. I'll take any team in the bottom 5 but them and am pulling for the Islanders.

Kind of nice not to worry about draft position for a change isn't it fans? This year it's finally about playoff position!!

UPDATE: According to the Dispatch the Jackets/Preds game drew a 3.9 local rating on Fox Sports Net. That is the 2nd highest in CBJ history.

That is a fantastic number and hopefully puts any worries I have about attendance/interest to bed.

Thanks to Soultrain for the assist.



Kennedy said...


With all your contacts in the media world, any chance of finding out what FSN's plan is for HD broadcasts in the playoffs? God help me if we get stuck with those awful Low-Def signals that transmit out of Western Canada.

soultrain said...


Did you see in the dispatch this morning the ratings for the last game? It is numbers like those that should ease your worries about the city not caring. 16/20 top rated games are this season says it all. It is a tough time right now and I am sure there are others like me who live and die by every shift, but just couldn't make the game. Keep winning and people will continue to jump on the bandwagon (plenty of room to always add more), but no time to panic just yet. It was a fluke of a night and it will get better down the stretch.

JuneyMoon said...

I'm of the opposite opinion on the Colorado-Tavares thing. I WOULD like to see them get the #1 pick, mostly because this is their first time to totally collapse. At least they haven't made a practice of sucking every year.

Patrick said...

I second an "official conversation" regarding FSN's HD plans, for the playoffs and for next season. I heard through a grapevine that FSN is planning to air all games in HD next year, but if I saw it here I might be more apt to believe it.


LTL said...

Soultrain - I actually missed that article this morning. I just went and checked it out -- 3.8 eh? That is impressive and reassuring.

I hope your right that there is nothing to worry about. That is a very good rating for sure!! Thx for the heads up and I'll add to this post.


LTL said...


I wish I had all of those contacts but if I hear something I'll definitely throw it up on the blog.

FSN would be nuts not to show the games in HD. Keep in mind though that Versus may be forced to show us and those should all be in HD.

Right now I'm trying to figure out if/when/where we can tailgate for the playoffs. If anyone knows please comment or shoot me an email.


PuckCougar said...

I think little Tavares would look cute as can be in an Avs sweater, but that's just me.

DP@WFNY said...

What are Goodale Park's rules about open flames/public drinking? Shoot, they have ComFest there, why couldn't we tailgate there??

LTL said...

Wow.. you guys/gals are easier on the Avs than I thought :)

They were handed a Stanley Cup winning squad after Quebec fans suffered through man years of losing and in one season of adversity have completely bailed on their team with half empty arenas.

Personally I'd like to see them as a cellar dweller a lot longer and landing Tavares would only jumpstart their rebuild.

Plus how can we forget the mother off all reasons for hoping they don't get Tavares... Foote plays there!

Something else to chew on.. imagine if the Avalanche wouldn't have made the playoffs last season.. we would actually have gotten their 1st round pick this year isntead of last! Then again we wouldn't have gotten RJ and his 26 goals either.


Barga said...

'Tis Barga, not bara
that said, the 1.7 is the average, which is quite large for this season compared to all previous ones

I would be happier if FSN told me what was on their stations all of the time then if they showed jackets in HD

I will be out tailgating with you all, now that i can legally do it (and once my vermette jersey gets back)

Go Jackets!