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Friday, April 10, 2009

This and that

Toronto media chimes in with their monthly wet dream about acquiring Nash. This time it's disguised as Will post-season competition sway Nash to stay in Ohio?.

I will say this about Nasher's situation... if he doesn't sign an extension this summer I agree with Cox that Howson has to consider moving him this summer as it will send a strong signal that he does intend to test the free agent market.

How do you think Florida feels right now about not moving Bouwmeester especially since they missed the playoffs? Teams just can't afford to lose their star players for nothing... it sets them back years.

That said, and as I've stated repeatably in this space -- why in the wide wide world of sports would the Captain jump ship just as it's setting sail? ....because he grew up a Toronto Maple Leafs fan? It certainly won't be b/c of money or term as Howson will pay what it takes.

Gary Bettman will be in Columbus for their first home playoff game.

I have read some folks questioning whether or not Columbus fans would booo Bettman. Personally I'll be singing his praises... b/c like him or not, Columbus doesn't have an NHL without Bettman.

Should Columbus rest Mase in the final two games? ESPN's Lebrun and Burnside chime in:

Burnside: So, if you're Ken Hitchcock, do you use Steve Mason, or give him a rest and let Wade Dubielewicz get some action? You can bet the boys in Anaheim and Nashville will be howling if Mason is on the pine tonight, but it would be hard to argue with that logic.

LeBrun: As for Columbus, not sure you can rest Mason yet because you run the risk of letting Anaheim catch you with a pair of wins this weekend and steal the valued sixth seed. You'd rather play Calgary or Vancouver than San Jose or Detroit in my book.

They missed the obvious answer in that the Jackets still have something to play for.. until the Jackets lock up 6th spot I can't see them resting Mase.

Thanks for Ryan for the assist.

Not sure if you've seen this but apparently will get a make-over for the playoffs:

Starting Monday, one day after the end of the regular season and two before the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL's signature Web site will have a totally new look and feel through thePORTAL at

Regular users of the site will notice the changes, but will still be able access player profiles, stats and video clips, as always, but the new format will highlight vast playoff coverage up front.

"Everything is still there," said Andre Mika, NHL senior vice president of broadband and new media. "All we've done is make it easier to get to strictly playoff content."

Congrats to Miami for making it to the finals of the Frozen Four. This will be their first time playing for a national championship. They'll have their work cut out for them taking on college hockey powerhouse Boston University.

They'll lock horns Saturday night at 7 p.m. on ESPN. chimes with the following article titled: "Real season' lies ahead for Hitchcock, Blue Jackets"

"The coach had a smile on his face yesterday and today 'The Bear' is back," joked Columbus coach Ken Hitchcock.

The message that Hitchcock and his assistant coaches are sending to their players is that the mission is only just beginning. One view of the Blue Jackets is that they are a nice story because they finally rewarded loyal fans with playoff hockey. The other view of the Blue Jackets is that they are a very dangerous opponent heading into the postseason because they are playing with confidence and have a rookie goalie playing like a 10-year-veteran.

"We are all over guys already," Hitchcock said. "We are getting on them. I'm sure the guys are looking at us like we are a bunch of loonies, but we need more points to get as high up the ladder as we can. And we owe it to ourselves to keep our momentum."

Hitch on Nash:
"I think Rick is like all of the players who have been here since Day 1," Hitchcock said. "They don't know what to think. When you carry the stigma that this franchise has had (of not making the playoffs), it's a big burden. Players can play with pressure, but when you add stress to pressure than it becomes a big anvil. All of these guys have carried the anvil for a long time."

Hitch on Mase:
"The only thing that is 20 years old about him is his face," Hitchcock said. "I treat him as a 30-year-old."

"He's a typical young player in that he's all about hockey," Hitchcock said. "They aren't about lifestyle or egos. They are about hockey. There's a whole crew of them now that have come in with their focus only on being great players. Nothing gets in their way. They are mature beyond their years."



soultrain said...


Commie getting a little love for the job he has done after all the C-Bus bashing that went on for that signing. Check it out here

swaindog said...

Thanks for the shout out to Miami. Was in attendance all weekend. The final was a great game, but a huge punch in the gut. Thought we had it.

Go RedHawks!