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Friday, April 3, 2009

West watch

The Jackets didn't get a whole lot of help last night.

The Canucks blew two two-goal leads at home to fall to the Anaheim Ducks 6-5 in a shootout.

The Blues, off the strength of 4 David Backes goals, pulled out a late 5-4 victory over the Detroit Red Wings in Detroit.

The only help they got was from San Jose who beat Edmonton 2-1 in regulation who is now all but elminated from being able to catch the Jackets who sit 7 points ahead of them with a game in hand.

Here are the current standings:

1. y-San Jose7751113
2. y-Detroit7749107
3. Calgary774494
4. Vancouver774294
5. Chicago764193
6. Columbus774088
7. Anaheim784086
8. St. Louis783885
9. Nashville773884
10. Minnesota773681
11. Edmonton783681
12. Dallas783478
13. Phoenix783475
14. Los Angeles773173
15. Colorado773164

This is 4 horse race for 3 spots.

The good news is that the Jackets have a game in hand now on both Anaheim and St. Louis as well as still control their own destiny. With the way these teams keep winning though the Jackets cannot rest easy -- this thing could still very well come down to the final home game against Minnesota (if you don't have your tickets yet you better get em!).

One really big game tonight for Jackets fans to keep an eye on and that is Nashville @ Chicago at 8:30 EST.

If you aren't a Blackhawks fan you should be tonight!

That game Saturday is Nashville is looming large.




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