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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quote of the day

“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.”
- Malcolm Forbes

Assist to LaCosta Nostra over on HF.

Also I have a stat of the day courtesy of Ryan:

There were three teams in the 4 major sports that have not made the playoffs. Cross off the CBJ! Only the Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA and Houston Texans of the NFL remain.



rocket said...

This is why this playoff run has undoubtedly produced true, passionate Jackets fans... because we have all (well most, at least) been there from the start. We know how frustrating it is, but we never gave up... We were all cynical at one point, even to the extent of bashing our own team. But you know what, we were always fans. And even though at times when were were unhappy, and when wins didn't even matter anymore towards the end of each of the last 7 seasons, we still got that amazing feeling when our Jackets won. We packed Nationwide for 8 years, 8 "losing" years and look where we have gotten now. G*d D*mn am I proud to be a Blue Jackets fan. Carry the flag boys!

Rick said...

Your attention please....

The "Playoff Robe" is now official.

That is all.

J Arthur Ellis said...

I think it'd be worth counting the Oklahoma Thunder as well.