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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pre-game thoughts: Everybody bring their A game!

This is going to be a real short post Jacket fans as the R Bar train is leaving the station.

I'm gonna give you 3 keys to winning this game:


2. EVERYBODY must bring their A game! That goes from every player in that Union Blue uniform to every Jackets fan in the city of Columbus. We need to rock the living sh** out of Nationwide Arena.... everyone needs to just bring it!

3. Get to Osgood and get to him early! We need that first goal.

Don't forget to wear your BLUE and be loud and proud Jacket fans. Win, lose or draw the Jackets will only play their first every playoff game at home once and I'm soaking in every second as should everyone!

I'll be twittering a lot today so stay tuned!!




Pub said...

What the hell is this twitter shit. I signed up for it...but I dont really see the fascination.

Alex said...

Question for everyone that I was pondering this morning: If they were to cut the league in half to save money and they combined the Detroit and Columbus rosters (I know, horrible thought) who would be the starting forward lines and D pairings on paper?

First Line
Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Hossa
Best line in hockey

Second Line
Nash - Franzen - Samuelsson

Third Line
Huselius - Hudler - Voracek

Fourth Line
Cleary - Filpulla - Umberger

Defenseman Pairings
Lidstrom - Rafalski

Kronwall - Lebda

Commodore - Hejda

Now I could be off on a couple of those but not many I would think. Kind of sad to see how few of our players would play.

DP@WFNY said...

As usual, game preview up at WFNY...


LTL said...

The great thing about having a blog is that you can delete the trolls.

Patrick that is in no slight to you.. I appreciate your post!

Go Jackets!!


Skraut said...

LTL a true CBJ Hero!!!

Wally said...

Not to say we've put up that much of a fight, but I'll be tuning in for the rest of the playoffs to see DET go down in fire... And I don't mean fans torching the city to celebrate another Staley Cup victory. Osgood has some pretty decent saves this series, but then at times he looked like a PeeWee goaltender who can barely hold a stick. DET fans are in for a rude awakening.