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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This and that

Anybody who is interested in actually hearing my ramble (instead of reading it) I'm hooking up with the guys from tonight at 7:00 p.m. for a round table podcast.

You can listen, comment or question by following this link.

Some good news coming out of the Jackets playoff planning party. They will indeed be throwing some parties on the plaza prior to each Jackets playoff home game and word is they are even trying to get the games televised on the jumbo tron outside of the East entrance -- which I believe is a must have!

Details courtesy of Puck-rakers:

The Blue Jackets would like to draw fans onto Nationwide Plaza on game nights with pre-game parties. They also are negotiating to televise games on the big screen attached to the parking garage at Front and Nationwide. This, however, would not be a Jackets-sponsored event.

Marc Gregory, the Blue Jackets vice president of marketing, said the franchise is seeking permission from Fox Sports Ohio, whose coverage would be broadcasted, and Nationwide Realty, which owns the big screen, to make the plan a reality. He hopes to have more details Tuesday.

The pre-game "March On" parties will run from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. on game nights and feature live entertainment. People without tickets are welcome to attend. One fan will win two tickets to that night's game.

Although I still dream of hockey tailgate glory this is certainly welcomed news. It does sound like the "powers to be" recognize and are trying to make the Jackets first ever post-season appearance a unique experience for all involved.

For those folks who want to get an earlier jump on the pre-game festivities (like myself) the R Bar will be opening up for business at 10 a.m.!! Now that my good friends, is a hockey bar!!

Rick has a new article up over on for those interested about the Jackets playoff chances. A good read as usual! Check it out here.

Ed also has some new fodder for us to chew on over on He's got a two part series on the Jackets playoff run and what we can look forward to. Follow the links to part 1 and part II.

Believe it or not the boys over on 97.1 the fan have been tearing up the hockey talk the last few days -- especially Torg and the Common Man on the mid-day show.

They did bring up an interesting point today in asking why Jacket fans seem to be content with just making the playoffs? Why not have higher expectations heading into this playoff series with Detroit? After the season is over then reflect back on it.. but now it's all about expecting this team to win and getting out and supporting them in their quest.

Speaking of Jacket fans.. plenty of tickets still available in "hockey town". If your on the fence just say screw it and get your butts up there! The first ever playoff game only happens once and it's just a short 3 hour drive to away!

Was thinkin about this today and I ask that every Jacket fan who reads this blog helps me out. If you see one Detroit Red Wing fan try to throw a squid on our ice I encourage you to stop this act of disrespect.

Personally if it's me and anyone tries it in or around section 101 they will be wearing that squid back to their house in Columbus (b/c trust me, the majority of Detroit fans in Nationwide will be local).

I don't encourage violence but stay alert and aware boys and girls and notify your ushers if someone looks "fishy".

The NHL draft lottery is on tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Now stand together and shout it out loud Columbus fans...


Now that said I have to show my buddy Mark some support as he is a die hard Islanders fan... I'll tune in for him and hope the Islanders win the Tavares lottery.

The Hockey News has their playoff preview up. I'll save you the suspense Columbus.. they pick the Wings in six.

I watched the NHL Network's 2 hour playoff preview special last night and they actually showed plenty of Jackets love. Heck they even interviewed Hitch and had a tribute to Mr. Mac. They didn't rail on the Jackets chances as bad as I thought they would and basically said what everyone's been saying -- Mase will have to stand on his head for the Jackets to win this series.

I'll have my series preview up either later today or tomorrow morning. has an article titled "Nash and Hitchcock agree, it's the system".

"I don't know if we approach it differently," Nash said. "If you cheat in the (Ken) Hitchcock system, you're asking to not see too much ice time."

"It was definitely a change of systems for me," Nash acknowledged. "Before he got here, I was playing about 12 minutes a game and on power plays only. If we were up a goal with only a couple of minutes left, I was not on the ice.

"He explained that a team's best players have to be the best players in all situations. It was hard at first, committing to defense first, playing the last minutes of games and playing on the penalty kill.

"But look at his record: He's won at every level, so we trusted it."

How about this? The Cleveland Plain Dealer is even covering this inagural Jacket playoff run. Some real good stories here. Good on them!

For those goin to Detroit either Thursday or Saturday there will be a ton of us hitting up the Anchor Bar pre/post game. Click this link to get location/contact info.

Also be sure to wear your Jackets gear (I encourage the blues if you've got one)... bring your flags, signs, hats, blue hair, blue beards, jason masks, face paint... bring it all!



Max said...

Anchor bar, eh? About what time are is everyone leaving to get to Detroit? Google says it'll take about 3:45 to get there. That means leaving at 1pm for the 6pm game. Hmmm....

LTL said...

I can't speak for Saturday.. but the LTL van is heading for Detroit/Anchor Bar on Thurs at 1 p.m. sharp from Delaware.


Anonymous said...

We will be leaving around the noon to 1pm hour ourselves. I will be sporting my "modified" Red Wings Jersey. I am so getting my ass kicked up there. LOL

Drew said...

Squid, eh?

Mattlund said...

My favorite part of the interview was the host giving away his cell phone number to the entire listening audience.

LTL said...

Ha. I believe BP is going to edit that out.

Glad somebody listened to that sucker though! My first podcast so bear with me.

Good times. Again thanks to for the opportunity to chime in.


LTL said...

FYI - podcast had been edited and new link has been posted!


DP@WFNY said...

Yes, that's what I get for relying on technology!

I won't be leaving that little tidbit online, so I hope you memorized it... :-)

Thanks again, LTL. I enjoyed doing the podcast, and look forward to chatting again sometime about the CBJ.