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Monday, February 2, 2009

West watch

The Jackets got a little help yesterday as the Nashville Predators beat the Edmonton Oilers in regulation.

The Oil are still tied with the Jackets at 53 points along with Minnesota, Phoenix and Dallas. Everyone besides Phoenix still has games at hand on the Jackets however.

There are only 3 NHL games tonight but a couple of key teams to keep an eye on. The Avalanche take on the Flames while the Ducks take on the Sabres.

Flames look to be pulling away in that top 4 in the West so I'll be rooting for them to take two from the Avs in regulation. The Ducks obviously are the biggie... they sit in 5th place with just 53 with 52 games played (2 more than the Jackets) -- I'll be a big Sabres fan tonight. Go Miller/Vanek/Roy/Spacek and co!

The Jackets have 3 games in 5 nights this week. They are at home against St. Louis tomorrow night... on the road in Pittsburgh this Friday and then right back to Columbus for a battle with the best of the west in San Jose on Saturday night.

I'll be happy with a 2-1 record out of that group... They need a big bounce back game and to grab two big points from that Blues team tomorrow night!



Rick said...

They went 2-1-0 last week. Good start for the final 35 games. I'm still thinking they can go 20-12-3 to make the playoffs. The great thing is this year they seem to be able to bounce back after bad losses. It'll be a "weighty" game against the Blues!

soultrain said...

I am going to have to agree with you on this one, that 96 points is what it is going to take to get in the playoffs. So regardless of how you want it to shake out in win/tie combos, I really think at this point in the season its a countdown to 96, so 43 points to go. Every point counts and every loss hurts that much more.

LTL said...

Hey Rick..

Just a heads up to post the link to your blog when you leave a comment so other folks can check it out!