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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Foote..stick this broom up your avs!

Lots of greens (LaCosta, Murray, 3rd period, sweep, NO MERCY!!)....some reds ( hair guy...Foote)... but bottom line is this team won a big game they needed.

Sorry for the short post today...but time is short and I'm running out thee door on down to Crew Stadium to catch the USA/Mexico World Cup Qualifier!




Stephen said...

LaCosta Nostra!!!!!!

Great game last night.

Matt said...

Why are you making a big hoopla about sweeping the Avs? If you haven't noticed but we were swept by the Yotes and so far the Blues this year! Not a good sign if you want to make the playoffs.

Pub said...

Bring a rain coat and some rope to tie yourself down. Hurricane coming through.

Wally said...

Parade + Columbus = Rain

Seems like the CBJ's attitude is changing... let's hope the fans follow suit.