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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pre-game thoughts: Blues play tough brand of hockey

So I'm snuggled on the couch with remote(s) in hand last night... I flip on the Blues/Wings game (have I mentioned I love hockey in HD lately?) to see just what we are in store for tomorrow night..

To my surprise I see a Blues team just flat out dominate a Wings squad for the majority of the game... and if it wasn't for Manny Legace doing his best Marc Denis impersonation in the 1st period the Blues would have come out of that game with a convincing win.
Instead the Wings hung around (like they always do)... got a fluke goal and capitalized on their other chances and Osgood played a very solid game... then they took the final point in the shootout.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Its because the Blues are playing some really good hockey. They are 5-3-2 in their past 10 and they play tough "Hitch type" hockey that doesn't give the opposition much room to breath. They make you work for every chance. Murray has this group playing very well.

No need to look at the standings tonight because if the Blues play like they did last night the Jackets will need 100% from everyone to come away with a much needed 2 points.

Tonight is only the 2nd of 6 games against the Blues.. The first was total Jacket ownership by a Blues team on the skids back on January 3rd. The Blues beat the Jackets in every aspect of that game.


* Put the Dallas game behind you. Its over. Focus on what needs to happen to beat the Blues.

* Back to your game. The Jackets lost way to many battles, were slow to lose pucks and gave up way to many odd man rush attacks against Dallas.. end result -- a blowout loss. They must get back to their tight checking accountable game... Checks create offense.

* Must have better goatlending.

* The kids are bringin it for St. Louis. Guys like Boyes, Perron, Oshie and Berglund are playing well... get physical with these guys. Our kids need to be better than theirs.

* No posts... not sure about you guys... but I'm tired of posts. To much tease and not enough please. Put pucks in the net.

* Keith Tkachuk. Columbus cannot let this Jacket killer beat them.

* The Blues special teams aren't that great.. but they are better than ours. They like to set up the big shot from the point looking for Tkachuk down for the redirection. Block shots.. shut down passing lanes.. and clear that dude from the crease (lookin at you for this one Commodore).

* Sounds kind of stupid.. but Jackets need to want this game more than the Blues. The Blues should be a tired bunch.. the Jackets fresh... no excuses to not outplay this team. Its the kind of game the Jackets have to have.

* I'll take anything from the PP..... wouldn't mind see Williams back on the point w/ Russell.

Watch for a Boll/Backes throw down. Boll has to be smart about it... there is a place and time to get even on that dirty hit Backes through on Huselius.. Boll has a good handle on the pulse of games so I"m not too worried about the timing.

The Jackets have lost 3 straight to the Blues going back to the home at home to close out the season last year. Its time to end that streak tonight!




roadman said...

"Blues play tough brand of hockey".

CBJ simply have to play a tougher one. Hit harder, hit often, and hit harder again.

Anything they can do we have to do better.

Compete, compete, compete.

GO JACKETS Beat them (black) & Blue.

Rick said...

I touched on how the Blues are playing "desperate" hockey right now in my article for The Hockey Writers. We just have to want it more than they do.

Carry The Flag!!!

LTL said...

Hey Rick..

Not sure if you caught my comment from the other post so I'm putting it here again just in case..

Definitely post the link to your blog after your comments so more folks can check it out!


Jessica said...

On my way out the door and headed for the arena now. I hope to see some good goaltending from a rejuvenated and fresh Stevie Franchise!

Anonymous said...

2 losses in a row. Could this be the start of the crash we CBJ fans are so used to?