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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pre-game thougths: Fasten your safety belts!

So I don't know about the rest of ya, but I've got my tickets locked and loaded for this battle tonight. Its a can't miss game in my eyes.

Its the kind of game we have been waiting 8 years for. Lets set it up:

* The Jackets are right in the thick of the playoff hunt. They sit 7th in the West with 61 points with 56 games played.

* The Stars... a fixture in the playoffs the past several years.. after a slow start are surging. They also sit with 61 points but are 6th in the West as they have played one less game.

* The Stars lead the season series 2-1 including complete butt kicking in Nationwide just 16 short days ago.

* The Jackets have won 4 straight. The Stars lost their last game but are 7-3 over their past 10.

Talk abot golden opportunities. The Jackets get a final chance at home to do some damage to a team directly in competition with them for one of those final playoff spots.

* I'm going to keep this one simple. Simply put the Jackest have to out compete this Stars team in every area of the ice. They need to dictate the temp within their system. Controlled desperation. Every player needs to bring their A-game and be ready to compete in the hard areas of the ice.

* Special teams were truly special against the 'canes. A repeat performance would go a long way in deciding this one especially since both teams are below average on the PP/PK.

* Fans...! We've all got a job to do. Lets cheer ours asses off for this squad tonight! If you can swing it, this is definitely a game to get on down and "pack the nat!"..

I'll be watching the Jackets energy early. They are riding high on this 4 game win streak but can't get caught up in their own press. To win they'll need high energy from the start and if they let off the gas even a little bit, the Stars will pounce.




Max said...

Last time we played the Stars, the Jackets had a little win streak going on. They got a little lazy and didn't play within the system. They've got to keep checking and plying the ugly came we've all come to love. Go Jackets!

Rick said...

Boll/Barch re-match? Energy needs to be high!!!

Anonymous said...



Andrew said...

I don't know what I've been told, Turco has a big 5 hole!


Chimera25 said...

Can't wait, should be a 'doozy' tonight. Let's not let Loui Eriksson or James Neal look like Mike Bossy, let's get a Commodore body check on Steve Ott and let Derek Dorsett or Jared Boll go with Krys Barch!

In my mind tonight could be the biggest, most hyped for sure, game in Jackets history!!

Carry the Flag! said...

My 5-point safety belt is fastened.

Hopefully a healthy (healthier?) Mason turns the tables on the Stars. Is it too late to infect Turco with mono? Can we lace his pregame Gatorade?