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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just in case.. missed the fights last night, check em out below.

Dorsett vs. Mikkelson

Boll vs. Parros

Boll vs. Moen

Dorsett with an absolute butt kicking but I still can't believe Boll with his two fights.. the 2nd being against seasoned heavy George Parros.. defintely putting it all on the line.

That was a beautiful clean hit on Morrison as well.

I also wanted to note that Jarred Boll now leads all players in the NHL in fighting majors with 20. That surprises me considering the injury problems earlier this season.

The Jackets as a whole are tied for 9th (Chicago)in the league in overall fighting majors.



LTL said...

I should have added that Mikelsson is not a fighter... that was his first NHL fight... so the fact that Dorsett owned him is not a shocker.

I'm not quite sure what he was thinking when he went at with Dorsett... I don't think Dorsett is the kind of player to challenge guys who usually don't scrap.


eplagge said...


Yep he underestimated Dorsett, and thought it would be an "easy" target to show his team he can play Duck Hockey.. quite hilarious...

Anyways, what about that Gratton signing.. I have to say I am starting to develop a man-crush on Howsen..
This pickup is absolutely solid any way you look at it..

In summery, the total cost will be 100-200K for the rest of the season, no contract obligation.. A #3 overall pick in the Class of Pronger (#2), Kariya (top 10 I believe), etc.
He's one of the classic "cocky/arrogant" guys who have never been able to reach that top line potential (probably because of attitude problems), yet he has been naturally talented enough to avoid playing AHL hockey.. Now finally a team has the balls to humble him at the end of his career and he just played his first 10-15 games in the AHL.. Howsen comes in and picks him up on waivers..

I believe this is a solid pickup on Howsen's part because of his contract.. .Gratton is in the last part of maybe his last NHL contract.. he has 20-some games and perhaps some playoffs games left to prove that he is worthy of a 1 or 2 year NHL contract from anyone in the league.. Furthermore if he shows any character issues he knows Hitch has no problem sending him down to the AHL and officially end his NHL career..
This is Do or Die for Gratton if he wants a few more years in the NHL.. if the tank is empty, the tank is empty but the pressure is on, and I believe he wants to make a statement because he feels he has a couple of years left in the NHL ... once again a classical very low risk - high reward pickup.. .. it's up to Gratton if he decides he wants to play... look for him to drop the gloves in Calgary...

LTL said...

Good post eplagge. Agree 100%.