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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nice view!

At the request of Sean I'm opening up this post for folks to comment on where they sit or where they'd recommend sitting at the Nat.

My personal experience is that there really isn't a bad seat in the house. That's not the homer in me coming out... I've sat just about everywhere except for the section with your own personal tables and you'd be hard fought to find a seat where you don't have a good view of the game action.

There is one section in the upper bowl (can't remember the section) where there is only one way in/out. Also in the "upper" lower bowl there are some seats where you can't see the scoreboard very well.

I spend most of my time either in 108 or 209.

I'm not much of a glass guy as you can't see a lot of the play but with that said, there is something special about being that close to the action once in a while. Of course there is that whole "cost" thing.

For me the perfect seats are about 12 to 15 rows up in the lower bowl corners just above the glass. Close enough to feel the game and get rowdy yet far enough to see the entire ice.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.



Michael said...

I sit in 109 about 15 rows up and love it. The best seats ive ever had is center ice about 10 rows up from the benches. I loved those. A cool experience is the seats next to the glass behind the goalie. So fun!

Beau said...

I have sat in almost every section of the arena (pre-PSL). I now sit in 109 Row E (5) seats 7-8. There is a men's restroom at the top of the steps, and a 24 oz beer vendor nearby. My wife smokes, so the smoking section is close too. We also have the coolest ushers (Phil and Jim). You can see the entire ice, although sometimes we have to stand up to see puck movement behind the goal. I think these are the best seats, although I do like the food in the club level, and I miss the cup holders I had in 109 row H. The best part of our seats are the neighbors. As long as the CBJ are winning they're all good seats.

JAL said...

We have had a variety over the years, and are currently in 110 Row J.

Our first tickets were Section 104, first row behind extension of visitor's bench, right next to tunnel. Great experience--our son got sticks, pucks, etc. and Manny Legace used to steal his french fries when Legace was with Detroit. Lousy place to see the game though, as you are constantly looking over and around the visiting players. Perfect for calling offsides though!

I really like where we are now -- and second the vote for usher Jim! You see everything develop, and are close up for the action in the attack twice zone. I can see the whole ice, and will trade the distance from the far goal for the great view of the action in our end.

I also agree there really are not many bad seats in the house.

A Shot From The Point

Sean said...

I'll drop in since you started the post for me!

I've spent six-games this year in 212, Row K. The times I've sat in the lower bowl it has been the Rush CBJ seats in either 101 or 117, pretty high up like row R or S I think. I enjoyed myself at the Wings game on feb. 13th this year in 219. When I took 15 family members to the Detroit game in March of last year We were in 224 in rows B and C, those were really great seats!

I have some cousins with seats in 105 and when I went to chat with them before the game once the view was incredible. I'm waiting for one of my restaurant patrons to finally pass me some glass seats but it probably won't happen this year.

Thanks for the post!

Max said...

My favorite seats are in the upper bowl, top few rows, penalty box side, right under the stats guys. Sat there one time, and I loved it. When they came in, someone asked if they were video replay and they quickly passed the blame. Then later in the game, there were some misconduct penalties, and I shouted up to them and they got the info down to the fans! View wasn't too bad either.

Another good place to sit was Section 117, Row P. Good view, and I got to see Leo walking around. I almost walked into the section and ruined a marriage proposal in the Fan Stand... that was almost embarassing!

soultrain said...

I will go ahead and weigh in on this one as well. I have sat in most sections throughout the arena and have not really found a place that I didn't like. They all have their pros and cons, just depends on what your looking for. Currently in 109 row R, and will put a third in for Jim, great guy and knows his regulars. View is great because at that level your high enough to see the goal line and all the play develop in front of you. Moved there a couple years ago when the team looked to be getting better. Started in the defense zone because it was more fun to watch the better teams twice in the attack than some of those first Jackets teams in their attack end. Moved around between 117-119 usually about 10-15 rows back. Good seats, but like the current ones better. Now for other sections, split the season so I will buy plenty of other games. The Rush seats this year aren't great because they have pushed the students under the upper bowel in 117 by the fan stand. Speakers are right above so it can get real loud, not bad seats but not my favorites. Old Rush tickets were even closer in 101 and it was a similar type seat to other sections I have mentioned. The Green seats are great, especially for the price (10 bucks). Back few rows of the upper bowel behind defensive zone twice. Also sat in first few rows of those sections, and those are great seats. No obstruction and you can see the whole ice. Even the AAA terrace (only one way in, one way out) isn't bad, and that was standing room only when I was up there. Your far from the ice, but with enough people up there it can turn into a fun place. Last section of mention is center ice, pentalty box side second row. Fun seats, but different perspective. You feel like your right in the game, you get to see the jawing in the box, especially after a fight or setting up a fight, but you lose the ability to see some of the game because the boards take away part of the ice. Point is the closer you are the more you feel the game and can appreciate the size and speed of what's going on but you sacrifice view. Upper bowel seats are all great for watching the game, just less of a feel like your part of the game. However, when the place gets pumping then it doesn't really matter and its a great arena. Still waiting for a game to live up to the Sabers visit from a couple years ago where there was lots of back and forth all night. Fights in the upper bowel and beers beeing thrown. It's getting there and will only get better.

LTL said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Soultrain nailed it with this one:

"Point is the closer you are the more you feel the game and can appreciate the size and speed of what's going on but you sacrifice view."

I can also appreciate being close to a beer stand (especially the 24 oz'ers) and men's room as Beau pointed out.

I can certainly see we have some "experienced" Nationwide fans checking this sucker out though!!


Chimera25 said...

Since the CBJ arrived in 2000 I have been involved in a season package in Section 227, Front Row Upper deck. These seats are great. On the aisle, front row can see everything and the best part is the price tag, only $36 per seat per game!!!

Only negative is we only get the CBJ shooting at our end for the
2nd period, but this year has been fun since we get a closer look at all of Mason's saves!!