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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Live bloggin


Jackets take a game in which they were largely outplayed through the first 40 minutes. Two keys -- Mase was strong early when the 'canes were surging and the PP came up big with its opportunities. The PP needs to win some games down the stretch here and it certainly did its job in this one.

Great win boys and way to represent Jacket Backers!!



Great.. looks like Modin just got hurt in a needless play with the game at hand.. I know you want to play through to the whistle but you don't want to get hurt at this stage of a game.

That was an interesting stat by Rimer and co. This is the first time the Jackets have one a game on the road this year on a back to back.

Nash collects his 3rd assist on that one. Juice also a 3 point night.

The Juice is loose on the empty net... put this one in the books baby!!

BHG makes another appearance... dancing with a beer this time... looks like that over night road trip is going to pay off this time..

Torres giving somebody the business by the bench after taking a hit earlier...speaking of he's lookin better and better as well.

Organization really pumping this Dallas game... get out there if you can make it folks!! My ass will firmly be planted at the nat.

Nice to see that line create a goal at even strength as personally I didn't think they looked very good through much of the 1st or 2nd.. pinned in their zone alot.

WHOA!!! Manny puts on home to regain the 3 goal lead... Nash with a great play along the boards to find Manny... Have I ever said how I love this game.. especially when we win (snicker)..!!

Nice pinch and rip there by Tyutin.... real strong on that puck. This guy just keeps getting better and better.

Couople of close calls but the Jackets get it killed off. Great job PK!

Eric Staal has been real quiet for the canes... like Corvo for them though.

Ouch... not a good penalty to take there by the rook although I did like the hustle. Golden chance for 'canes to close the gap to 1.

Stay focused boys... can't stop em all... as Commodore says.. we don't need every game to be a Picasso.

Mase with a beauty save... but the 'canes get one to go in off a shot from the point. That 3rd goal lookin real big right about now.

Just a gorgeous breakout there.

This is what a PP can give you when it executes.. a big 2 goal on the road.. I'm JACKED!!

YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! FINALLY A 5 on 3 GOAL!! RJ with a well deserved goal camped in front of that cage. Nice to see Tyutin get a 1 timer off there.

Okaaaaay..... extended 5 on 3.... chance to put the nail in the coffin... also if the Canes kill they get all the momentum... find Williams for the 1 timer!!

Juice has to find Nash there.... also way to many odd man rushes given up while on the man advantage tonight. I also think Nash got away with a penalty during that stint.

Nash takes one for the team... enjoy warming up the box Ruutu.. another chance for the PP to do some damage here.

Penalty over.. yet another block..

Somebody hit that punk Ruutu.

Need 20 hard minutes boys.


This 2 goal lead scares me b/c the Canes are playing convincing hockey right now... we really can't let these guys get an early goal.

Jackets with 19 blocked shots already... doing horrible in the circle thus far winning only 37%....

Gawd.. Minny all over Ottawa.... Boston needs to end their 3 game slump against Nashville... and c'mon Chicago -- take it to Dallas!! What cool about the Dallas game on Monday is that they played last night and tonight as well... so both teams will be on equal footing except the Jackets get the home game.

Hejda leading all Jackets with 15:59 minutes of ice time through 2. Huselius leads all forwards with 13:27.

A better period than the first for the good guys but still not great. The great news is that the PP came through with a huge timely goal to give the Jackest a little more cushion.

You know what they say though... a 2 goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey. Canes come out with a fresh sheet of ice a a good half minute of PP time lookin to get one early and get back in this thing. Jackets PK needs to finish off this kill.


BIG RED big again... two big blocks.. one that really stung...

Jackets goin to the box... Nash with hooking in the defensive zone.. not a bad penalty to take there.

Incidental contact by RJ on Ward...

Oh man.. what a chance by RJ... great play by Manny to retrieve that puck and get it over RJ...

...and Hitch uses the TO... nice call! :)

I might use the TO here if I'm Hitch on this icing... Carolina is really bringin it..

'cane's all over the Jackets again.. Mase holding the fort..

This Nash line hemmed in yet again.... Commodore with another great shot block...

LETS GO SENS!!.... LETS GO SENS!! To bad Minnesota is up 2-0 10 minutes into that game...

...'canes are really brining the wood now... Boll with a nice rush and dish that Peca almost put home... Mase with another ace.. sooooo much action baby!!

Wow.. some beautiful passing by the 'canes... thankfully they missed the net.. whew..

This Nash line has gotten hemmed in quite a bit... I'd really consider breaking those two up for a bit.. they've seemed to have gone sour...

Anyone else catch the dude wearing the Whalers jersey behind Hitch on the bench? Those digs were sharp.

Nice rush by RJ... Torres with a couple of good chances... Fantastic shift by that line.

Jackets have 2 goals off 9 shots.. not a great early showing by Cam Ward. Coming into this game the 'canes gave up 161 goals... about the middle of the pack in the East.

...and holy sh**!! A PP goal!! Nice dish by Nash.. not sure how Russell didn't put that one home back door but Juice was there to collect the garbage... and get this NO POST!! Timely goal by the PP.. nice work.

Umberger out and Manny in this time.... my question, what happened to trying to set up Jason Williams with the 1 timer from the point?

Another Jackets PP... seriously, can we decline?

Just as I type that he bumbles the puck and fails to keep it in the zone.

I'm not sure what happened to Backman but he's looked like an NHL player the past few games.. good for him.

Haha.. great Bud Light commercial..


Unfortunately that PP attempt looked all to familiar... 'canes were all over the Jackes... once again just pressure the Jackets points and your probably get a kill.

One area Voracek needs to work hard on this summer is his shot.. nice recovery by Russell there on that short handed shot..

Lets see....we've got Nash, Huselius, Umberger up front.. Williams and Tyutin on the points..

Carolina with a bad offensive zone hooking penalty... C'mon Jackets PP.... lets put one home here.

Canes again come out strong.. they really want this one. Jackets have to start diggin a little deeper if they want to hang on.

Would be nice to see this Nash line get it goin here.. nice chance by Manny.

Regarding Filatov I just read this on Crunch blog: Forward Nikita Filatov and goalie Dan LaCosta are still ill and did not skate Saturday morning. Crunch coach Ross Yates said both are doubtful for tonight.

Here we go.


Anybody out there know what is going on with Filatov? He's out of the lineup again for the Crunch tonight.

Definitely lucky to get out of that period with a 1-0 lead as the 'canes certainly held the edge in play. They were opportunistic and Mase was strong again in nets.

Need a much better next 20 here though.


Voracek is really playing some outstanding hockey.. really elevated his game..

Don't want to give a late goal here...

Nice wrap attemp there by Modin.. Tyutin just couldn't get the handle on it.

Peca playing the body tonight.. good to see.

BHG representin yet again!

Good shift there by the boys... Nash looking more energized early here.

Wow Jackets pinned in there for almost the entire 2 minutes.... they somehow survive and really didn't give up any quality chances..

Ugggh.. just noticed Edmonton beat LA in a shootout.. not only does it suck that Edmonton won but worst than that it was a 3 point game.. going to be a battle to the finish.

Bad bad turnover by Huselius... he's got to know better than that... Jackets take a penalty in the process as they scrambled to recover.

Always a bonus to get a goal from a d-man... nice work from Boller behind the net.. and then a great feed from Peca to find a pinching red.

First shot... and it goes in..from guess who... former 'cane MIKE "BIG RED" COMMODORE!! YEOW!

Almost 9 minutes in and no shots from the Jackets..... bright side -- no shots from the 'canes have gone in. Another big save from Mase...

Maurice with some Hitch-praise there about how well coached the Jackets are... classy remarks.

Carolina certainly dictating the pace here and really playing the body early.. Jackets need to slow this game down to their pace...

'canes didn't play last night so they have the energy advantage.. expect Hitch to roll all his lines with even shorter shifts to keep energy high.

Oh Modin... got to hit the net brother!! Nice feed by Umberger... Mase again with a sweet glove save..

Voracek with a dangerous turnover... Mason there to bail him out.

'canes comin out strong early which is to be expected after they got wiped 5-0 at home in their previous meeting. Jackets need to withstand the early surge.


First off... nice job by the original "BHG" representin there in pre-game!! Got to give some props to BHGG (Blue Hair Guy's Girl) and Craig as well.

I haven't done this in a while but its time.


jemhuff said...

Other than Mason, not a good 1st period. We're lucky to be up by a goal.

jemhuff said...

Those Canes alt unis don't look very good on ice. Too much black; they need more accent colors (red, silver).

LTL said...

Yeah.. I'm not at all a fan of either of their unis.

Ours look damn nice in HD though!!


jemhuff said...

I hate it when our PP looks like we're on the PK.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to thank ya for live blogging its like watching it with somebody im in a house with all girls and their not interested LOL

jemhuff said...

Of course, Minny had to play one of the worst teams in the league tonight.

LTL said...

I know what that's like Cinci... Wife and 3 year old off doin their thang in the "Lighthouse" as well!

Glad you guys are enjoyin it.. sometimes I feel like I'm talkin to myself :)


jemhuff said...

All Claude Noel needs is a 2 goal lead.

Pub said...

I think there is one thing about looking at other scores that we need to keep in perspective. Its nice to know those scores, but I would become obsessed with them. We need to make our way into the playoffs on our own...plain and me anyway:) If we take care of 2 of 3' etc...we will be fine. I will drive myself nutzzz if I over analyze.

Anonymous said...

LOL ltl :) Wow Nice Save Mason on the shorthand

Anonymous said...

We gotta score here 5 on 3!

Anonymous said...

Hell ya!!! 3-0 baby!!!! BURGER!

Rick said...

5-1 YEAH!!! 2 points, PP HUGE!!!

Anonymous said...


LTL said...

Time to flip the ole center ice over to that sens/wild game!



Anonymous said...

For those who want to watch the Sens game here ya go

BZArcher said...


Anonymous said...

SENS IN THE LEAD!!! 4-3!!!

Hitch Rules said...

Sens Win! Sens Win! Sens Win! (5-3)