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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rangers' coach Tom Renney canned

This news is just hitting the wire:

The struggling New York Rangers have fired head coach Tom Renney with 21 games left in the NHL season.

The last straw came after the Rangers' 3-2 overtime loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Sunday, which handed New York its tenth loss in 12 games (2-7-3).

Rangers' assistant coach Parry Pearn was reportedly given his pink slip as well.

Renney's replacement was not announced however on NHL Live! on Monday, TSN Insider Bob McKenzie speculated that NHL on TSN analyst and former Tampa Bay Lightning head coach John Tortorella could likely take over as the Blueshirts next bench boss. The New York Post is speculating that former New Jersey Devils' coach Jim Schoenfeld, who works in the Rangers' front office, could be the choice.

Typically I wouldn't make a new post on an NHL coach getting fired but a couple of things here interest me.

1. Can you possibly imagine Nik Zherdev playing for John Tortorella? That's a New York beat writer's wet dream. Since his hot start Zherdev has really cooled (4p in last 11g) and has seen sporadic playing time --- sound familiar?

Speculation on my part but I wonder if ole Glen Sather would like to have a "take back" on that Tyutin/Zherdev swap? I'm know Howson wouldn't.

2. Tom Renney is one of the "good guys" out there in the NHL. As they say its easier to change the coach than the team although one has to wonder if the man above him isn't more to blame. It won't take him long to find another home in the NHL.

3. I just read this on HF and wanted to share here. Of the four teams whom started the year in Europe not one coach out of that group has lasted the full season:

Bolts: Fired Melrose
Sens: Fired Hartsburg
Pens: Fired Therrien
Rags: Fired Renney

Probably just coincidence more than anything but just in case...Hitch.. keep your butt and your Jackets firmly planted state side next season. Not that the NHL wants the Jackets involved in any special events anyhow.



Aaron said...

If Tortorella had problems with Svitov, who knows how he'll react to Zherdev the first time he thinks he isn't pulling his weight.

I don't think he'll have the luxury of telling Z that he "can go rot in the minors for all I'm concerned.''

Matt said...

Giving an assistant the pink slip... hmmm Can we do that to Noel?