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Sunday, February 15, 2009

We have the "power"!!

We've all been waiting a long time to see the powerplay deliver a victory... with two key goals with the man advantage we finally have it!

Former Hurricane Mike "BIG RED" Commodore got it all started when Boll battled hard behind the net and then Mike Peca made a few nifty stick handling moves and then found Commie with the big one timer just inside the circle.

Score 1-0.

Not to be lost was that goal was off the first shot by the Jackets and after the 'canes were really coming hard. Mase held the fort early and then the Jackets got that key first goal.

Then the PP really stepped up. I looked like its usual messy self early but then...boom... Nash finds Kris Russell on a beautiful cross ice pass for a one timer and Huselius was there to pick up the rebound.

Score 2-0.

Then the PP did something it hadn't done all season.... it actually scored a 5-3 goal!! As RJ Umberger was doin the dirty work in front of the net Fedor Tyutin got off a nice quick 1-timer that RJ eventually poked home.

Score 3-0.

Those are 2 HUGE timely goals on the road no less... again against a Carolina team that was largely outplaying them through this point in the game. I mean that is your game right there. Its how Detroit piles up wins after wins and if the Jackets can find the consistency with the man advantage combined with their even strength play and exceptional goaltending then look out.

Of course we can't forget about Mase who bailed this team out after some inexcusable turnovers down low.


* Poweplay had power!!

* Secondary scoring stepped up again. Commodore, Manny and RJ with big goals...

* Nash and Huselius productive... they combined for 6 points. Although I think they can both be better than they were last night.

* Defense continues to play strong hockey.. I thought every single one of them played strong last night... even better is they continue to contribute offensively.. 4 of the 6 d-men registered points last night. The only negative player was Russell.

* Steve Mason... so close to a shutout... but it doesn't matter.. he held this team in it early and made great saves the entire 60 minutes. Guy just looks healthy now... great sign!!

* Jacket Backers/CBJ fans representin! Well done everyone!! Props to FSN for pimping those guys/gals who made that overnight trip as well!

* First win on the 2nd night of a back to back on the road. Could you imagine teams of yesteryear pulling that off at this stage of the season?

* 29 blocked shots. Commodore led the way with 6... Backman had 4.. yes that Backman that has turned into an NHLer of late.

* PK was perfect... special teams really were special last night.

* Timely scoring. Getting that first goal was very important in this game... but it was those 2 powerplay goals that really took the wind out of Carolina's sails.

* All the great comments in the "live blog" last night.

* Some bad defensive zone turnovers by Huselius and Modin to name a few... need to shore that up.

* First period was pretty ugly as Carolina was poring it on. Jackets stuck to their system and Mase made the saves to keep em in it.

* Only won 27% of faceoffs.

1. Another critical 2 points on the 2nd night of a back to back on the road.
2. Poweplay!
3. Defensive group strong and secondary scoring.
HM: CBJ fans whooopin it up in Carolina.

The win vaults the Jackets into 6th place in the west tied with Dallas who sits with 61 points in 5th but has played one less game.

Which brings us to Monday.... I'm with the Jackets org on this one... we need to "Pack the Nat" on Monday and be the 7th man for this squad... we've waiting a long time to be in the hunt.. We've waited a long time for big games in February/March/April -- well here we are folks... its time!

So gather your wives/kids/aunts/uncles/friends/neighbors/co-workers/new borns/nieces/nephews/next of kin and lets bring it on Monday and show the entire NHL what this town is capable of!!!!



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