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Friday, February 6, 2009

Legace waived & #15 OSU takes on #2 Notre Dame tonight!

According to goatlender Manny Legace has been put on waivers.

Legace has started 29 games this season. He's 13-9 with a 3.18G AA and a .885 Save%.

He's making 2.5 million this season and then will be a UFA. He has also battled mild concussion issues (missed 4 games) and a hip flexor issue (missed 5 games) thi syear.

Obviously those are not good numbers but throughout his career Legace has a 2.41 GAA and a .911 Save%.

If the Jackets are in the market for another goaltender as Puck-rakers suggest, can they afford to pass on 35 year old Manny Legace?

Bringing in a guy like Legace would give the Jackets some flexibilty with Mason in hopes that they could give him a nice good rest. However once Mason was healthy and ready to return the Jackets would need to waive goodbye to either Dubie or Legace unless they go back to carrying 3 goaltenders.

The bottom line here to me is that the Jackets aren't going to find anything much better than Legace to fill the goaltending void here -- not at this stage of the season and not at this price which is just salary.. He's not perfect and he's been struggling but I don't think there is any question he's a better fit than Dubie. He got the skillset, the NHL resume and now perhaps he has a chip on his shoulder to re-focus his game now that the Blues have waived him.

The first question though is would he even make through to Columbus as he passes through the waiver wire to give the Jackets a shot at him? You'd have to think the Islanders might be interested.

Don't forget that if you want a live hockey fix tonight the #15 hockey Buckeye's take on #2 ranked Notre Dame tonight at 7 EST at Value City Arena.... be sure to set your DVRs for the Jackets game!



Rick said...

Some of the comments in the STL article almost sound like they're throwing Legace under the bus.

Scenario - Jackets claim Legace off waivers and send Dubie to the Crunch. Plausible?

LTL said...

Plausible if the Isles don't claim him ;)

I also just read from a Blues poster on HF (take this for what its worth) that Legace had a bad attitude this season after not getting an extension and after the Blues brought in Mason who had 2 years left on his deal.

Still...desperate times call for desperate measures and we need a capable guy in nets as Mason recovers.

I don't see any scenario where we can find something better than him right now to fill the void...especially for cost of just salary.


Rick said...

Worst case scenario - We claim Legace, his attitude sucks, Dubie back in, send Legace to the 'Cuse and if he's claimed, oh well. What are we really out at that point?

On the plus side, Legace does have experience. I truly believe that we'll see a totally different Dubie tonight.