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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ducks roast Jackets

The Anaheim Ducks came out a desperate team and it showed on the scoreboard early. Sitting in 9th place on a 3 game skid this game against the Jackets was a must win for them.

Unfortunately for the Jackets they didn't get the goaltending, couldn't match the early intensity and couldn't capitalize on the multi-tude of early PP chances (they had 8 chances total) the Ducks gave them to get back in the game.

Result a 5-2 loss.


* Jarred Boll and Derek Dorsett did every thing they could to try to spark this squad.

Dorsett certainly made up for his earlier loss this week when he absolutley pounded Brendan Mikkelson to a pulp.

Boll, after a thunderous hit on Brendan Morrison, had a good fight with Travis Moen....but that wasn't enough.. he went with true heavy weight George Parros and certainly held his own later in he game.... I don't think the average fan out there realizes how much energy it takes to get into one fight let along go again against a guy who outweighs you by some 40 lbs... my hats off too these two!!

I credit both of these guys for stopping the bleeding in that first with both of their scraps.

* Sold out standing room only crowd. I know the Jackets can't win em all but man that hurts when they lay an egg in front of that kind of home crowd.

* Credit to Giguere he was strong turning away 26 of 28 shots.

* They actually showed a replay of Dorsett's fight.. couldn't believe it.

* Nash with a goal and an assist. That is 6 points in his last 3 games. Not much out of him in the first when the needed it however.

* I liked Juice because he was shooting! Of course he hit a post but that goal he scored on the PP was great patience and maybe as short as a week ago he dishes that puck instead of shooting.

* The Jackets were physical out hitting the Ducks 28 to 18.

* They did a pretty good job staying out of the box only giving up two PP's against. Unfortunately the Ducks scored on one of them.

* Was good to see Commodore's mean streak flair up when needed.

* I thought it was going to be a game when the Jackets cut the lead 2 to 1. Credit to the Ducks b/c they responded right away with strong shifts after and that 3rd goal was a killer.

* They outplayed them in the 2nd and 3rd but couldn't solve Giguere and although they had 27 shots.. not a whole lot of quality chances in that group.

* PP did get two goals... but as Hitch and Nash both said in their post game reviews... it wasn't good when it needed to be... not timely. The Jackets were given enough chances where the PP could have won this game itself.

* I love Mase and he's been great... but not his night. Boys needed to step up for him and get him some goals. He's going to have an off night from time to time.

* No breaks and no bounces. A quick whistle that resulted in a no goal. A post... some strange hops on Mason.

* Thankfully Hitch demoted Backman to the 3rd pairing and moved Methot up with Tyutin. He's back to his usual self and I hope Aaron Rome gets a shot next game over him.

* I wouldn't mind if Novonty spent the rest of the season in the press box.

* Congrats to Tyutin on his career best 26th points.. but a -3? Certainly a game he'd like to put behind him and getting Backman off his pairing will help.

* The Ducks turned the tables on blocked shots.. they had 15 to the Jackets 7.. then again the Ducks only registered 13 shots all game... it sure felt like they had more than that though.

* The loss would have been completely worth it if someone would have smashed Pronger through the boards..

* Russell was real quiet.... and his spill on the backcheck resulted in that 5th goal.

* 5 shots for Anaheim over the last two periods.. yet 3 goals.. yeah, not the Jackets night.

* More ridiculous videos .. more dump songs/stunts at intermission (what was that wedding thing??)... the game ops experience has gone straight to the toilet. Luckily we've got an entertaining team this year.

* Only 3 skaters finished without an minus -- Dorsett, Nash and Huselius.

* Boll/Dorsett... they both really put it on the line last night.
* Sell out crowd.
* Hey.. Ohio State's hockey team responded last night with a 3-2 win over Michigan!

Its a game we all wanted them to win but big picture, they aren't going win em all. What sucks the most for me is losing in front of that crowd but the Ducks were desperate and it showed early which was the difference in the game.

The Jackets retain 6th position but lots of teams won last night and are right on their heals. They are 6-1-1 in their past 8.

The boys have to quickly forget this one (which they've done well this year) and get ready another test on their final west coast swing of the season.




Lane said...

no comments about Vanilla Ice & his crew behind the jackets bench? i couldn't have been the only one who noticed that....

LTL said...

Haha Lane.. I actually just watched the replay and one of my first thoughts was who are the "gangsta-wanna-bees" behind Hitch?

Hey...all about attracting the new fans right?

Great observation though!


Lane said...

Sean said...

This was the last game of the six-pack for me and my dad. He's been making a five-hour round trip drive to each game this season just to hang out with his son and cheer on the Blue Jackets. Too bad that he missed the San Jose game and the Dallas game we got killed.

BTW, you should open up a new post for everyone to comment on where they sit for games. I've only made it to the lower bowl twice in the past two seasons but I'd be curious to know where all of your regular's seats are and/or favorite places to sit!