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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Howson into centerfolds?

Got your attention yet? Not to worry, this one is clean for the kiddies!

The trade deadline "chatter" and speculation is one of the best times of the year for hockey junkies everywhere.

Who are buyers and who are sellers?

Who is going to roll the dice and overpay for that piece the may lead to a drink from Lord Stanley's cup?

Why would they move Bouwmeester when they are in the playoff race?

No way Antropov is a worth a 1st round pick!

Oh yes hockey fans.. those questions and many more are running through the minds of us all as we lead the count down to "Trade Deadline 2009".

This post is my attempt to "classify" some of the more prominent players that are rumored to be available (plus some of my own guesses) and which of those groups may interest Howson and co the most.

Definition: This is the player GMs dream about that everyone would like to get their hands on. Better be ready to pay a hefty price for the goods.

Caution: As sexy as they are they are also expensive, unpredictable and require lots of attention.

Players: Bouwmeester, Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Kaberle, Pronger, Havlat, Franzen, Jovanovski, Sedins

Definition: This is the player that is past his prime yet could still look good in the right situation. This player comes with an expiring contract and in most cases can be obtained at a reasonable cost.

Caution: Age, injuries, motivation and deteriorating skills are common problems amongst this group.

Players: Comrie, Weight, Reasoner, Ohlund, Axelsson, Spacek, Bonk, Guerin, Kuba, Tkachuk, Recchi, Satan, Morrison, Boyton, Derek Armstrong, O'Donnell, De Vries, Reinprecht, Morris, Roberts, Peca, Malhotra, Nylander

Definition: This is a player that is young, has already performed at the NHL level, is reasonably priced at the time of acquisition and is at or near the prime of their career. You don't get a player like this without giving something valuable up in return.

Caution: Overpaying to obtain, lack of production, re-signability and expensive contracts are areas of concern for this bunch.

Players: Vermette, Lombardi, Jordan Staal, Ryan Whitney, Antropov, Leopold, Craig Anderson, Frolov

Definition: This is your smaller deal that adds a role player or sheds some contracts/salary. Generally these players are "sweetners" on a bigger deal, moved for draft picks to a contender who needs a specific role filled or are dumps to clear salary.

Caution: This is your classic low risk move but in a salary cap world you must beware of the salary commitments.

Players/Picks: York, Calder, Jackman, Gratton, Murphy, Backman, Schaeffer, Colby Armstrong, Christensen, Preissing, Gauthier, Fiddler, Nichol, Hilbert, Neil, Gerber, Randy Jones, McKee, Malik, Jussi Jokinen

So the question is in what ailse does Howson go shopping?

Centerfolds? Yowza!

Cougars? Sassy!

Co-eds? Perky!

Costco? Yawn!

Personally I think Howsons a "cougar" guy with perhaps a side of "cotsco".

Less than 15 days til we find out!

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Anonymous said...

What's your thought on Dominic Moore from Leaves? 28 years old & starting to come into his own with 27 assists after having short stints with several teams...Rangers, Pens, Wild, & now Leafs. I'd term him a decent co-ed

JAL said...

Nice post, LTL -- love the breakouts and the examples.

Personally, I think that while Howson may have been in the Cougar group awhile ago, I think he is probably shopping co-eds now. I just don't think his current model, and team chemistry, suits aging, expensive rentals right now, which is what you are really talking about in the Cougar group. These are not long term investments that can be capitalized --they are short term expenditures.

The attractiveness of any of the co-ed group is also dependent upon where the coed is coming from. Coeds from Toronto, for example could be had for draft picks, but might prove tough to sign long term. Coeds from other places might require a bit more in return, but would also come with at least a year left on contracts.

I'm betting Co-ed right now. As we all know, however, Howson holds his cards close to the vest, so we could see a Centerfold crop up. At the other end, he is a great bargain hunter, so multiple Costcos could happen.

It will be fun to watch, whatever happens.

A Shot From The Point

LTL said...

Lam -

Moore doesn't do a whole lot for me. He's having himself a nice year in Toronto but I agree with with what his coach said -- he's really a 3rd/4th line type guy but b/c of Toronto's situation he's getting extra minutes. Kind of like Manny Malhotra for us.

Good for him but we have enough 3rd/4th liners.


Good points per usual.

I think he'll chase the "cougars" b/c mainly they are the group with the most expiring contracts and could fill needed holes. Some guys will cost more than others (ex. Tkachuk vs. Weight) but ultimately I think he'll find them the most attractive as they can fill a couple of holes for a push this season without disrupting future plans or payroll structures.

To me Jason Williams is kind of a cougar/co-ed mix.. he's got that expiring contract but he's also in his prime.

Antropov is also in that grey area for me.

Granted if there is a "co-ed" out there that makes sense (Vermette) he'll certainly make a pitch.. but ultimately I don't think he'll 1. be willing to give up the assets to obtain him or 2. want to commit to the salary.

I think its a lock he grabs at least 1 more "costco" between now and the deadline.

Thanks for the comments guys. I had a lot of fun writing that one up!!