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Monday, February 9, 2009

Regehr gets slap on the wrist while Jackets gets slap in the face

From TSN:

That's what saved Calgary Flames defenceman Robyn Regehr from some time on the sidelines. Before the All Star break, after being pushed by Derek Dorsett of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Regehr raised his stick and cross checked Dorsett as they scuffled. Dorsett was cut. A suspension seemed certain. None was forthcoming. Campbell spoke to Regehr and he was fined $2,500 which the maximum under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It seemed like an opportunity was missed to send a message to the league about using a stick as a weapon. Campbell says Regehr was not a repeat offender, Dorsett was not seriously hurt, (a few stitches were needed) and most importantly Regehr had never been called up on the carpet for a stick infraction.

The league does not report fines so it appeared the incident was swept under the rug. Rest assured it was reviewed and Campbell says a suspension is forthcoming if there is another stick infraction involving Regehr. Call it a stick infraction mulligan.

Ahh.. I see... so now you have to be a repeat offender before you get punished for blatant hits to the head.

Nice "crackdown" NHL. What a joke.

Thanks to Kevin for sending this in.


1 comment:

Max said...

Wow. I can guarentee if that was the other way around, Mr. Dorsett would be in the league dog house for at least 5. To me, it doesn't matter if Dorsett was seriously injured, it's the fact that he could have been that the league needs to look at. What if he'd lost an eye? Would Regher get 1 game since he's never done anything like that before?