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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Co-ed on the move

A domino fell today with the following trade:

The Pittsburgh Penguins have cleared up a bit of their log jam along the blue line as they have sent Ryan Whitney to the Anaheim Ducks for Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi.

There have been a lot of rumblings about Whitney being on the block so the fact that he moved does not surprise. Whitney is 26 and is signed for 4 more years... with Gonchar back he become expendable.

The Penguins receive a 30 year old winger in Kunitz whom they hope can play along side Crosby. He's signed for 3 more years after this one.

Tangradi is a solid prospect with size whom projects to be a 3rd line forward.

The most interesting part of this deal to me aren't the players that were involved.. its whose next to go?

From Anaheim's perspective it most certainly means either Pronger or Niedermeyer are on their way out of town...maybe both. My guess is Pronger however. Don't expect Howson to get in on any of that centerfold action.

Jordan Staal has long been rumored to be available from Pittsburgh. Heck I even read one report that said first they'll move Whitney (check) then Staal would be next. That obviously remains to be seen.

If Staal is available he is one co-ed I would expect Howson to make a big play for.

With only 5 days and some change left til the deadline its certainly heating up out there!

UPDATE: Bob McKenzie weighs in on Pronger situation.



Chimera25 said...

I think this move hurts us two ways.
One, Anaheim just got stronger (not good). Whitney is a nice puck moving defenseman (would love to have seen him in a CBJ sweater.)
Does this fill the Winger PIT needed? If so, what does CBJ have to offer PIT for Staal? I don't think PIT wants draft picks and definitly not a middle to late first round pick.
If they want Klesla, I hope Howson sends him on over. Staal is a nice big true center for years to come, Klesla is a often injured average defenseman, who in my opinion is a third line D guy on our team behind Commy, Hejda, Tyutin and Russell.

We need to make a significant move, we can't let all the other teams get stronger and stand pat not wanting to disrupt the "future"
CBJ NEEDS to make the playoffs this season.

LTL said...

If the CBJ want Staal I they'll have to part with Voracek or Filatov.

I'm sure the first would be on the table but that woudln't be enough as Pitt isn't going to want picks/prospects in return.

Pitt needs top 6 caliber wingers to play along side Crosby and Malkin.

By all accounts Howson is not letting go of his blue chippers...and as we've heard he's not sacraficing the future for now.

I think one of Connolly (Cougar-light) or Halpren (Costco) will be a Jacket come March 4th.

I think both of those players can help now without hurting tomorrow.

I'm not sure what to think about this move by Anaheim... other than I think its sets them up for more moves.


Chimera25 said...

If we can get Connolly out of Buffalo, that would be huge.
He is a nice player when healthy. But what does BUF need or want?
They are fighting for a playoff spot too.
He is there second line Center, so it will take a Top prospect or proven player don't you think

LTL said...

It could but I don't think many, if any, teams are going to give up any top shelf talent/pics for a guy who is one hit away from the end of his career.

I really think a 2nd round pick may get it done for Connolly.

Buffalo caught all kinds of heat when both Drury and Briere both walked in the offseason with nothing in return. Playoffs or no playoffs I can't see them making that same mistake with Connolly which is why I think they deal him if they can get a half decent return.

I think we'll see the same scenario play out with Bouwmeester in Florida.

They are tough decisions no doubt... one that Howson may find himself in with Nash next year if they can't get him re-signed this offseason -- which I really believe is an unlikely scenario.

They are all case-by-case, market-by-market decisions.. but in those two in particular I think they get moved.

Never know though.. and its stories like those that make this time of year so much fun for hockey fans!


Chimera25 said...

Check this out if you are a 'text' guy. Text NHL to 81812. Approve the rsponse and the NHL will text you when a trade is made. Pretty cool, found out about the Whitney trade as soon as it was released to the media. If and when Howson pulls the trigger I will be ready.

The more I think about a trade the more I think Howson needs to make it a good one. Here is why, we all think Nash likes it in Columbus, they are starting to win but have yet to deliver that top line Center he craves. If we don't get him this year, can we land him in Free Agency?? (not much available Connolly, Cammalleri, Zigomanis, Comrie)

Wouldn't we rather have him this year and playing with Nash into the playoffs. Then July 1 comes along and Nash is excited and willing to talk contract extension.
If we still don't have a Top line Center maybe he waits to test the FA waters. I know he says he likes it in Columbus, the fans are great, etc...but they all say that until some one like the Islanders throw tons of cash at him and a chance to skate with a young John Tavares or a Phil Kessel in Boston or a Top Center signed by Toronto.
I guess what I am saying is I think acquiring a Top Center helps us in the Rick Nash negotiations. If we don't get one, don't make the playoffs things aren't looking good.
Quick look at our CBJ. Top Forwards are in this order:
1-Nash ~ 2-Huselius ~ 3-Brassard ~ 4-Voracek ~ 5-Filatov ~ 6- ????

What is missing a Top Line Center!

We need a big splash regardless of what Howson is saying. Perhaps much like when an athlete says it is not about the money, it is exactly about the money. Howson says he won't trade a top draft choice or a core young player but given the chance to grab a Spezza or Staal perhaps he does.

If we can acquire Connolly for a
2nd rounder I would do that deal ASAP. But can we sign him to an extension.

We'll see. We all know Gratton isn't the answer. I like Williams on the top line with Nash and Voracek for now.

Go Jackets!!!