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Sunday, February 1, 2009

No punishment for Regehr?

I was listening to XM NHL Home Ice tonight on my way home and they were discussing the hit Josh Gorges of the Canadiens received yesterday from the Kings Denis Gauthier and how the NHL is reviewing it...

That got my thinkin about Robyn Regehr and how this dude tried to to take Derek Dorsett's head off and I haven't heard a peep from anyone about it.

I was thinkin that Michael Peca got what...a 3 game suspension for a phantom grab on a ref yet nothing but a double minor roughing call for Regehr?

Is this another example of the NHL looking the other direction because its "just the Jackets" or do you think a double minor was enough for Regher? Keep in mind the NHL sent out a notice to every NHL team that blows to the head would not be tolerated.

Here is that Gauthier hit for those interested which certainly warrants a suspension as well:



Max said...

Gauthier better get suspended, and it's a damn disgrace that Regher didn't. The NHL, for whatever reason, cannot keep discipline and it's really a shame for the fans and players.

LTL said...

Check out this read on this situation:

Regehr's BS statement:

"From what I can remember, it was a battle that happened in the corner as we were chasing down an iced puck," said Regehr. "After that happened, he went down, and there was a guy who kicked him. It was one of his own players. He hit him in the head or face, too. So there was a whole lot of things happening with a lot of bodies around."

Uh huh.. I don't think Batman would even buy that one Robyn.


Jacob said...

Well, even if he got skated to the head, it doesn't excuse the fact that there was a hard cross check that hit a guy under the visor.

A four minute minor was certainly not enough for the incident, and I still think that it wasn't called more severely on the ice because the refs didn't want to have to send two Flames players to the locker room for the game.

Which is why it was called "roughing" on the ice. If they had called it a cross check, it would have had to be a major and a game misconduct. With roughing, they could get away with a double minor.

tomdury said...

i say this with a bit of bias because i was a habs fan before the CBJ arrived, but i think that gauthier hit was way more warranting of a suspension than the dorsett incident. i do agree that the situation with regher should have been given more gravity and/or more penalty time. i dont think, however, that you can compare an after the whistle cross check (allbeit to the face) to a flying elbow check to the head. gauthier clearly left his feet and clearly got his elbow up on georges. both bad situations, but i think we are comparing apples to oranges here boys.