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Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 20 Power Rankings: Inching up
Rank: 13 (-11)
Given how long a wait it has been for the Blue Jackets faithful to see the playoffs, this season may feel like the making of Apocalypse Now, with a script written ten years before the feature film's eventual release. At least their star is better behaved.
Rank: 17 (+2)
Coach Ken Hitchcock wins the 500th game of his NHL career getting the victory in his 960th big-league game.
Rank: 17 (+1)
Kudos to rookie goalie Steve Mason and Columbus’ most serious playoff push, but can a team really get into the playoffs with the worst power play in the league? No, it’s not possible. It must improve.
Rank: 12 (+2)
Playing six games in nine days took their legs away; they better find them quickly, as a huge trip plays out this week.
Rank: 9 (unchanged)
Ken Hitchcock's always ridden his lead horse hard, but he might have to let up a bit on Steve Mason. Making his sixth start in nine days, the rookie had nothing in the tank during Saturday's 5-2 loss to Anaheim. But when to rest him? The team embarks on a critical three-game Canadian swing this week, and he gives them their best chance to win.
Rank: 16
Rick Nash was one of the main reasons the Blue Jackets were able to pick up five of a possible eight points last week. Nash finished the week with six points off three goals and three assists, registering three straight multiple-point games for Columbus.
Rank: 11 (+1)
Ken Hitchcock picked up his 500th victory and the Jackets are on a 6-2 run that is pushing them toward a bigger milestone, their first playoff appearance.
Rank: 14 (+2)
Columbus rescues center Chris Gratton from his minor league exile, so it's up to him to repay the Blue Jackets with some inspired play that helps them reach the playoffs for the first time.
Rank: 12 (-3)
Will they trade for an offensive-minded middle man this week?

META SCORE: 13.4 (Last week 14.2)


Hitch Rules said...

Do (Jack@ss Dougy Mac's employer - nuff said, there -gee, I wonder if he has any input into the rankings?) or (Robert Picad!ldo) even watch any games, or have a pulse? Good lord!

I do believe the bible (THN - yep, even with Proteau and Campbell, on staff) has the best method of determining their power rankings: Overall record, combined with the last 10 games, and some consideration of current performance and prospective outcomes.

The Dispatch's is decent, but, there's a little hunch factor in it.

Foxsports is purely based on overall win %, with a further subjective ranking, meaning that the Picad!ldo will ALWAYS have the CBJ at the bottom of any logjams - idiot!

Again,, I'm sure Deuschy-Mac and RJ Brickhead (I have another head reference, but it's family hour) factor into their rankings, they have no clue for their rankings, aside from a sworn allegiance to Canadian, O-6 and First Expansion teams, so, if the CBJ were 2nd in the Western Conference, and 3rd overall, MAYBE they'd have risen to, let's say, the 12th spot in their "rankings".

Bottom Line: Why even include them in the metascore? Although, LTL, I think this is a really great overall ranking and feature you provide. Bravo!

LTL said...

Nice rant HR!!

I just try to grab all the major hockey pubs out there and throw em together... the ones that have a biased will stick out like a sore thumb (ahem..sportsnet) and then we can unload on em!