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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Instead of Legace we get LaCosta

Apparently nobody is interested in a 35 year old Manny Legace as he cleared waivers today... not even a vastly depleted Jackets team who instead opted to start a rookie goaltender with no NHL experience against the NHL's second best squad (Boston is tops).

The only explanation is that the Jackets don't believe Legace could help over what they have. The fact that nobody claimed him says alot about how far his game has fallen and perhaps the looker room "cancer" rumors circulating around have some merit. Or maybe its injury related.

I really hope it wasn't a money motivated decision

If this decision is not injury related then personally I don't like it.

I'm not sure how you can justify risking your season with a Dubie/LaCosta combo when a guy like Legace, even if he is struggling right now, is sitting right there for the taking. He is at the very least a legit NHL goaltender with a long history in this league. He couldn't possibly be worse than Dubie could he?

The mere fact that they are starting a rookie tonight shows how much confidence they have in Dubie (the flu? uh-huh...right...) and that Mason may be worse off than anyone is publicly saying (no surprise there).

It will be interesting to hear an explanation on this if the organization even chooses to comment.

For now good luck to LaCosta on his first NHL start. He's to hoping he catches lightning in a bottle.

I'm glad we got some clarification on the Commodore situation today. I saw that he only played 11 minutes and was really scratching my head. Was he in the dog house? An injury? Turns out its food poising.. or so they say (please excuse my hesitation when it comes to immediately buying into CBJ injury reports).

Needless to say the hits just keep on comin.

So its San Jose tonight. I feel right now as I did when this squad was taking on the Capitals in Washington... i.e. they've got no chance in hell at winning this game.

They surprised us then... we'll see what they have in store for us tonight.

I'll certainly be there, with $9 beer in hand, to see it play out.

See ya at the R Bar!



Max said...

I'm pretty surprised about Manny Legace. On one level, the Jackets are probably trying to save salary for the trade deadline. The fact that nobody else claimed him is amazing. Maybe Ottawa is trying to win the Tavares lottery.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it on the head mentioning what a long drive home last night was! I was fuming thinking "I drove 7 hours & paid good cash to see that miserable excuse of a game..." Pens fans were of em' even bought me a beer! I tried to get a "Fleu...ry" chant going but it ended up as a "" chant after his seive-like 2nd period. At least I can say I've seen the Igloo before it goes away & experienced a crowd that really gets behind their team & really cranks up the volume!!! Fans were countering our "Let's go Jackets" by adding "Let's go Pens" every time we started chanting! It was a stinker & a bad loss but I'll still call it a good time in hindsight...woulda been on cloud 9 had we pulled off the win. Loving tonights win & Lacosta's great performance even more after last night!!!

Hitch Rules said...

Well, just when you thought all hope was lost, the CBJ played within their system. WOO HOO!

Also, props to Dan LaCosta, who was huge, tonight. When I've seen him at training camps (prospects and pre-season), he looked pretty good. When he recovers, can you say (Pazzy) trade bait?

And finally, gotta give it up to Christian Backman, up to tonight, the bane of most CBJ fans existence - not only the goal, but a solid game, overall.

chunx said...

yea lacosta looked like he belonged.... which is more than i can say for dubey...

as far as pazzy being trade bait... for that to work ... another team would have to want him....

it was a good jackets system game... great to see dorsett droppin the mits again... and boller did well against # 45

solid game... more important solid FINISH...

anyone else squirm when they saw LACOSTA wearing norrenas old # lol... i did

roadman said...

Hope springs eternal!!

Hitch has warned us that this was going to be a roller coaster, and it is. He also said that the team is still learning and I guess he ought to know. I think we need to remind ourselves that this is still, when all is said and done, a very young team, and even at this point still learning to trust each other and learning how to win. With so many just now coming back, it has taken some time to settle back in. What a great win.

How good does the Williams pick up look?

Get weel Mase!!!

Michael said...

The title of this story actually turned out to be a positive. Who knew?

JAL said...

I think most teams understand that Manny will be there to be had at far less cost right up to the trade deadline. You really have to be pretty convinced that he is better than what you have now to go that route, and Howson is a pretty darn good judge of talent, so have to give him benefit of the doubt right now.

Frankly, I was expecting a play for Curtis Sandford from Vancouver before we got Dubie. But again, we only have part of the story.

We now have 4 goalies on the roster - Leclaire, Mase, Dubie and LaCosta, plus Popperle in the minors at the moment. Dubie can't go down to Syracuse without clearing waivers, which is why we had to put Mase on IR. So, probably need more of a sure thing before moving for a goalie now.

Here's a gutsy deal -- trade Dubie back to the Islanders for their 3rd round pick then pull the trigger on Vermette for Klesla and the new 3rd round pick, plus another for Kubina? ;-)

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