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Thursday, September 11, 2008

TSN previews the Jackets and more...

TSN has been running their 30 teams in 30 days NHL previews. Today the Jackets are up.

Parting Shot: With so many changes throughout their lineup, it may take time for this Columbus team to gel properly. And even when they do, the team has its work cut out for them in a tough conference that includes the much-improved Chicago Blackhawks and defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings in their own division. That's a big mountain to climb for the only active team in the National Hockey League that hasn't reached the playoffs.

Nothing most of us here don't already know but a decent read none-the-less.

Also for you draft watchers out there TSN has an early top 10 list of draft eligilbe prospects for this season.

I will tell you one thing -- if your going to stink its a good year to do so as there are two studs right at the top in 6'7" Swedish defensemen Vitctor Hedman (or someone who can finally look Chara in the eyes) and 6'0" Canadian offensive dynamo John Tavares (who broke Gretzky's OHL record of 72 goals as a 16 year old) . The worst team in the league will get one of em.

Fortunately I don't think we have to worry much about this list this year as I just don't see the Jackets drafting top 10 this year. There, I said it!

There is also a video link here.

Fantasy watchers. has listed their potential busts for the 2008-2009 season. I would have put money down that Kristian Huselius would be on that list but alas, no Jackets at all.

I am happy to report that one Predator made his list -- Dan Ellis:

2007-08 stats: 44 games, 23-10-3, 1,147 saves, six shutouts, 2.34 GAA, .924 save percentage
Analysis: The Predators traded Chris Mason to St. Louis in the offseason, clearing the way for Ellis to be Nashville's No. 1 goalie. We have seen this before. Mason took over as Nashville's top goalie last season with a strong performance in 2006-07 while Tomas Vokoun was injured. When Mason struggled, Ellis emerged as Barry Trotz's favorite in net. He finished the regular-season strong with eight wins in 15 outings, but fell apart in the playoffs -- 2-4 with a 2.52 GAA. Ellis spent many seasons in the minors before getting his chance to shine in '07-08. However, with the potential loss of Alex Radulov on offense and rookie goalie Pekka Rinne breathing down his neck, don't be surprised if Nashville uses a goalie-rotation if Ellis struggles early on.

Speaking of fantasy hockey. Light the Lamp is looking for 3 more members for its fantasy hockey league. If your interested post a comment below and I'll get you the league details.

Brandon Sugden has taken a new step in his bid to return to play in the NHL/AHL next season in the form of an online petition.

If you recall 4 teams blocked his application to return and according to Crunch blogger Lindsay Kramer those 4 teams have not come forward to announce themselves:

Sugden told me Wednesday that NHL attorneys have told the players union that the four dissenting teams will not be identified. Way to stand behind your beliefs. Nothing says character like blocking a man's shot at an NHL contract and then refusing to even give him the courtesy of a discussion.

So if you feel for Brandan "Sugar" Sugden's situation (which I personally do) -- head out to his petition by following this link and sign away!

If anyone makes it down to practice today please do report in the comments!



Matt said...

I'm game for Fantasy Hockey. bzarcher (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

Matt said...

i'm for fantasy

Neubie said...


Just got back from the practice and Nikita was sitting in the stands with Howsen, Davidge and Matthews along with people I didn't know.

Chimera was back on the ice today after his puck to the face. Looks like it caught him in the left eyebrow but not sure.

Huselius looked great again! This guy is going to be GREAT with Nasher!

Brassard also looked good for the second day in a row.

There were 4 goalies there today and I could only reconize Norrena, not sure who the other 3 were. Everyone said that Mason was going to sit out till training camp started for everyone. But not one of the 4 looked good today.

Anonymous said...

I'm in too if there is still room.

LTL said...

Neubie.. thanks for info. I wonder why Nikita didn't hit the ice today? Maybe giving him a day to relax before the tourny starts tomorrow.

Love to hear that about Huselius and Brass..!

2nd Matt & anonymous.. yep - two slots remain and they are yours.

league id: 5415
password: offside


Anonymous said...

Check out the new racker blog LTL. Filatov was, as you thought, supposed to rest up.

Decent read. Funny (and interesting) comment(s) about RJ and Juice skating together.

LTL said...

Just got done reading that anonymous. Man I'm jonsing to watch these guys!

Brass and Huselius seem to be the early impressers... of course keeping it all in perspective its just pick-up hockey..

I'm tellin ya though.. while Voracek projects to a better career, IMO Brass is the guy to watch this year..


d. michael said...

The previous anonymous.

Your aren't kidding. Next tracker should be, IMHO, the time until the first preseason home game. 2 weeks! Too dang long.

Brassard has a year more experience and he seems to be a man-on-a-mission. I was just telling a buddy of mine, it's nice to have the skill and the desire in the younger guys. Something we haven't seen a lot of with this franchise. Hunger!

Matt said...

I'm -insanely- pumped for the pre-season games. I very nearly cut out of work today to go watch the open practice, but the part of me that likes having a job prevailed....and this afternoon my boss sends me an email saying I need to use more vacation days! Damn!

My ticket rep is getting me some pre-season tickets as a "bonus" for purchasing a pretty large package of pick-6 seats for the regular season. I'm gonna bug him today to find out when and perhaps burn some of that you suppose people would look at me funny for tailgating a pre-season game? I'll have ribs!

Wally said...

"The team lost No. 1 defenceman Ron Hainsey to free agency,"

Ouch...that truly says how bad our D-men were last year.

Matt said...

Wally - I think it says more about the ridiculous hardon TSN has for puck moving defencemen. I'll happily call Jan Hejda our #1 from last year.

Pub said...

Agreed. Hejda was our #1 guy.

jdilley said...

I am a daily reader of this blog after discovering it in the off season. I love fantasy hockey sign me up for your league

LTL said...

Matt -- I know what you mean.. if pactice was from 11 to 1 I would have made it alas I couldn't make 10 a.m. work with work either..

I would, however, make it my mission in life to join you for a preseason tailgate if you go through with it...ribs?...oh hell yes!


Neubie said...


Where are you going to be tailgating and what should I bring?

I don't ever remember seeing anyone ever tailgating at a jackets game but it is something that should be started.


mike said...

I hope they still have 10am practices on next monday. Get to go over to the arena later that day to do props testing for a couple of new games that the Power Patrol will be doing for fans this year. Catching a practice that morning would be awesome.

Lizzie Jones said...

Matt, I too would come to any game, pre-season or regular. If you've got the ribs I've got the coleslaw, or the potato salad, or the macaroni salad, or the beer. Drop the puck!