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Monday, September 15, 2008

Jackets lose in penalty filled nightmare

14 poweplays for the Dallas Stars prospects?

I certainly wasn't at the game but I can see the Jackets coaching staff overheating from here. I have a real hard time believe the Jackets prospects were guilty of that many infractions.

The good news is that some of us (well those who still have power which unfortunately I'm not one of) will get to see this game tonight on NHL Network to assess for their own eyes.

It was refreshing to see that even in a prospect tourney the Jackets PP continued to struggle converting on just 1-8 chances.

The good news though is that by all accounts Jakub Voracek continued to shine notching two assists and Matt Calvert (pictured here), who was the Jackets 5th round pick this past draft, continued his strong tournament tallying another goal.

Super Dave over on has a nice blog going about the tournament so definitely check that out here.

The Jackets are 1-0-1 in the tourney and have one more game against St. Louis (who is 0-2) on Tuesday at 2:30. It looks like that loss yesterday all but eliminates them from a chance to win the tournament. With a win over St. Louis it looks like they could still qualify for the 3rd place game.

Current standings
Dallas 2-0-0 4 9 7
Minnesota 1-0-1 3 6 6
Columbus 1-1-0 2 8 8
St. Louis 0-2-0 0 5 7

The full box score from yesterday can be found here.

Puck-rakers had an interesting bit about the Jackets medical staff.

Former Columbus defenseman Bryan Berard told the Boston Globe that he required two surgeries on his back while playing in Columbus (2005-07) because doctors “overlooked” a damaged disc during the first operation.

Berard, who’s trying out with the Flyers, played just 55 games during his two seasons with the Jackets.

"I had surgery on the one disk my first year there," Berard told the Globe. "And then when I came back, after the rehab, all the same symptoms came back. Doctors had overlooked the fact two of the disks were injured. So I needed the surgery again, and ended up missing the whole year [save for 11 games] for basically nothing.”

Last season, forward Fredrik Modin struggled with back problems for several months before Los Angeles-based specialist Dr. Robert Watkins determined Modin’s spasms were the result of two fractures.

The fractures were discovered through bone and CT scans.

I know medicine isn't an exact science but that is certainly some concerning news. At this level the Jackets can't afford mis-diagnosis. Imagine where the Jackets might have been if Modin was healthy last season? 15 more goals in a lot of those close 1 goal games could have made a big difference.

Lets hope that ship is righted.

Judging by the poll response it looks like the NHL has some work to do in getting more subscribers. Only 33% (25 votes) say they get the NHL network while 66% (50 votes) say they do not get it.

I would assume those who don't get it either 1. it isn't offered or 2. are not willing to shell out the extra dough which is completely understandable.

The question is how does the NHL Network up its subscriber count? The obvious answer is to lower the price or perhaps get in on basic tier. Another is to make sure all providers out there have the ability to offer it.

I can't see the NHL demanding or cable companies offering to put it on basic tiers so I think for now the NHL needs to focus on 1. increasing their footprint and 2. producing better content that will increase demand for the product.

I hope everyone made it through the wind storms okay. My updates on this blog will be less frequent until I get my power back so please bare with me.



d. michael said...

RE: NHL Network. Just signed up for a subscription because of the prospect games being televised.

So. That's how they got me.

Would love to see some AHL/Junior games on there. Don't know if they show any during the season, but it would be nice to see. Basically if I can see stuff that I can't see on Versus and.. umm... well... Versus.

So just about anything but Bullriding.

LTL said...

D. -- they actually did show quite a bit of the World Junior Championships last season if I recall correctly.

They also showed the Memorial Cup this past year which was cool

I know they televise some AHL games as well.

I'd really like to see them revamp their NHL "On The Fly" highlight show as its pretty low quality production but its certainly better than nothing.

They also syndicate the "NHL Live" show from XM radio and its kind of cool -- but its mostly big market team talk.


d. michael said...

ltl. Well then I'm sold.

Easy enough to sell me. Everyone else? Yeah, it's probably for the more "hardcore" hockey fans. Don't see the casual fans lining up no matter what they do.

I can only think of 2 people I know that would care about the Crunch, and maybe 4 that realize the Crunch are our AHL team. And I have to explain "like AAA in baseball". Juniors? Yeah, right...

Anonymous said...

What a shocker, Brian Berard placing blame elsewhere for the fact that his career is where it is. If that was truly the case re: Berard's back, why is this the first we have heard of it? Why no lawsuit?

The guy is a jerkoff and instead of looking in the mirror for the fact that he can't defend, he tries to put responsibility elsewhere.

Re: Modin and the rest of the team: they are in good hands now.

Anonymous said...

RE: NHL network, not offered here in Toledo. Then again, I don't even get the Jackets games.

Matt said...

I actually switched to Dish from WOW to make sure I got NHL network (and NHL:CI) - most of the time it's not too bad, but I wish NHL Network had A) more original programming and B) different commercials.

If I see the commercial for that insultingly schlocky "9/11 memorial gold dollar bill!!!" one more time, I'm gonna punch my TV.

OTOH, watching the memorial cup and the World Juniors was really neat. I wish they'd shown the World Championships, too.

Anonymous said...

Relative to your (LTL) assumption:"I would assume those who don't get it either 1. it isn't offered or 2. are not willing to shell out the extra dough," my (JJK) assumption is that, by-and-large, it is the former. And as I have stated here about a month ago, a major culprit locally is INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS which simply refuses to carry Center Ice & the the NHL network--period. So once again, can we get an organized campaign to pressure this "********" cable company to at least give us the option of paying for the center-ice-NHL package?
JJK-Sect 209

pa28flyer said...

I've been a loyal Center Ice subscriber for years, and it bothers me that NHL network isn't included with that subscription. Maybe that's not fair, but if I'm already spending $150 for NHL broadcasting, it seems that including the NHL network with the package would benefit everybody -- more viewers for NHL Network, more to view for CI subscribers.

Matt said...

pa28Flyer - the NHL tried to make providers bundle the NHLN with Centre Ice. The reason it's not is that several providers (WOW, Insight, TWC) balked and said they'd only offer CI if NHL network was NOT a bundle with it.