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Friday, September 12, 2008

Nikita nixed

As was pointed out by numerous posters on this blog (thanks everyone) Nikita Filatov has been ruled out from the Traverse City Tournament starting tomorrow.

The leg injury is said to not be serious and should only keep him out a couple of weeks.

Of course the question that everyone wants answered is when did this happen? As Puck-rakers states it certainly wasn't there during the draft as the combine/physicals would have discovered it. So the question is did he suffer this injury in the CSKA-2 exhibition games? More to come I'm sure.

At this point though its water under the bridge but whether it happened there or not, its a perfect example of why you don't want your players under contract competing in games elsewhere.

The biggest bummer of the whole thing is we don't get to see him in Traverse City or the first week of camp. How much does this set him back and how much of an impact will it have on where he ends up playing this year is anyone's guess at this point?

Chimera at right wing on the 2nd line? That is what Puck-rakers is reporting tonight:

Hitchcock also hinted that Jason Chimera could move to the right side and play on a top two line. He likes the speed and size that Chimera might create for scoring linemates, say, Modin and Derick Brassard.

What this tells me immediately is that they don't expect Raffi Torres to be ready by the season opener.

Also for those that were dreaming about a Modin-Brassard-Voracek line don't hold your breath. While that line could certainly come together just don't expect it until later in the season.

Personally the thought of Chimera on the 2nd line does nothing for me. I know he's a veteran reliable guy but he's a 3rd liner and just doesn't have the hands to be a 20-25 top 6 scorer. Alas if Torres isn't ready to go he is probably their best option at this point.

You have to think in the back of their minds everyone is hoping a guy like Voracek can mature quickly into that top 6 forward but you can't rush him.

Puck-rakers also states that they will be running an article on the importance of Brassard and Voracek this season. We have been blowing that horn since the free agents signings ceased. You hate to have to rely on young kids to get you over the hump but that is where the Jackets find themselves.

What they have going for them that they haven't in years past is that they will be insulated with solid competitive NHLers right up and down this lineup. In a guy like Brassard's case he's also been given a couple of years to develop. Heck, Voracek even has that extra year under his belt as well.

The leadership group has also been announced -- Nash, Commdore, Peca, Klesla, Malhotra & Modin.

I'm a little surprised to see Malhotra in there while a guy like Chimera has been left out. We know Hitch puts a lot of thought and stock into his leadership group so I'm sure there is a good reason for every player selected here.

Hitch has stated numerous times that a coach can talk until he's blue in the face and get nowhere. Its up to his leadership group to take direction from the coaches - buy in and execute - and then get the rest of the team to buy in. With that in mind you have to think each one of these guys will have a role in getting the rest of the members of the Jackets to buy in.

Notice as well that Commodore is the only new addition in that group -- speaks volumes towards the confidence the Jackets brass have in his leadership abilities. He'll have an 'A' before we know it.



Anonymous said...

The thing about this is if you're Nikita and you DID get hurt in one of those exhibition games, what should you do? Tell CSKA? You're not under contract, they're not responsible for you. Tell the Blue Jackets and risk messing up the contract you fought all summer for? Keep you mouth shut and hope it doesn't flare up?

Hopefully it is just something small and once he gets NHL-level medical treatment it heals quickly.
I'd hate to think he's already shot his chance (however small) to make the big club.


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see York in that 2nd line RW position. Not one bit.

He is saying Chimera right now because technically York isn't on the team yet, but....

Anonymous said...

Who knows where he got hurt, from what I have heard it is a stress fracture and it can happen from playing or working out.

Tiger had the same thing for more than a few months. Of course, people are going to say that it was from when he played those games, but if the guy is walking around with a broken leg and doesn't know it, how is he going to pinpoint when it happened?

The thing is so minor it wouldn't have been mentioned had the Traverse City tourney not been on the agenda.