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Monday, September 22, 2008

Filatov meets WWE

Nikita Filatov has a new blog entry up. A very eneteraining read about his training and adjustment to his new surroundings.

I particularly liked this part (translation courtesy of google and Skaut):

In terms of leisure, this is yesterday with friends visited restling. Went there with Maxim Mayorovym, Andrei Plekhanov and Kirill Starkovym. Kirill - Danish national team player, but he has Russian roots. Restling - a show which was shown on television in Russia. Represent approximately 10 thousand people came to see! Хотя While it is understandable because that scene does not fighters, but rather acrobats. In addition, went into a big store, a 15-minute drive from the city. Some clothes I bought myself, the phone.

Be sure to check out the rest here where he talks about rooming with Brassard (who is trying to learn some Russian), his impressions of Columbus and the skill level at camp.

This kid really does seem to be wired correctly and its pretty cool to read a blog entry of experiences. I'm really looking forward though to seeing what this kid can do on the ice which sounds like it could come as early as Friday.

If you haven't heard this interview yet from Mike Commodore go out right now and listen to it here (scroll down to "interviews"). He talks about how this whole robe thing started, his fight will Boll and many other things. Although for some stupid reason Torggy dogs our new logo at the beginning - idiot. Then again Ricordoti ends it on a high note asking Commodore to do one thing for him -- punch Adam Foote in the face.

Mike Commodore may quite possibly be the best interview I've ever heard from a pro hockey player. Dude just gets it.


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June said...

He's done a good job with those blogs. Every one of them has been interesting. I thought it was cute the way that he sometimes misses speaking Russian and all the Russian guys get together so they can speak Russian without any interruptions. I'm sure some of the guys that don't speak English very well like having him around.