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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Skraut has done it again!!! Here is his latest CBJ vid that will get your blood pumpin for this season!!

Who else got the chills watching that baby? Start the season already...!

Less than 3 days til camp!



Anonymous said...

Yes, I am definitely going to be a friggin' mess opening night! That video got me all worked up!

I can't believe that Malholtra goal doesn't get more play, that was pretty effin' cool.

Sean said...

I took 12 members of my family to the game for my dad's birthday back in March, thought the Wings would kill us, and we were in the Upper Bowl right behind the goalie for that Malhotra back-hander. Jackets held on to win, what a great game!

Drop the Puck!!!!

Max said...

I'm gonna have to get tickets for opening night now. Thanks a lot, LTL!

LTL said...

Lol. My pleasure Max! That vid does get you goin!!