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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Open practice tomorrow at 10 a.m.

I had a reader ask about open practice tomorrow and I did get confirmation from a good friend that practice is at 10 a.m. tomorrow and open to the public down at the Dispatch Ice Haus.

As pointed out in the comments of another post Puck-rakers has a summary on today's practice. A couple of the highlights:

-- Nikita Filatov looked like a great skater, but he wasn't that sharp with the puck. Two things to consider: this was, essentially, a game of shinny; and the kid is probably jet-lagged from traveling half way around the world.

-- I wrote on Tuesday that I wouldn't be surprised if Huselius had 45 to 50 points this season, down from 70 the past two with Calgary. I might have to reconsider. I've been describing him as a bigger, faster, strong David Vyborny. I may have to consider. He was absolutely sick with the puck on Wednesday. "We've never had a player like him," one scout said.

That was Filatov's first skate after a long couple of days so I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock into his performance today. Where it will get really interesting is how he does in the rookie tourney this weekend.

Love to hear that about Huselius though...

Check out the rest of Portzline's observations here.

Some other Wednesday night reading for you. Craig Custance of is an early entrant to the Columbus Blue Jackets band wagon:

In case you were wondering, I'm firmly on board the Columbus bandwagon. No, I don't think they're going to win the Stanley Cup anytime soon, but I believe in Scott Howson and what he's doing with the Blue Jackets. I'm already on record as saying Columbus will make the playoffs this season, and you'll see it again when our NHL preview comes out in Sporting News Magazine. But still, I wanted a little reassurance.

I got it today from Michael Peca. He flat out said that this is a 100-point team right now in Columbus. Last year, they had trouble getting the puck to their forwards. That's been solved with a revamped blue line. Rick Nash has never had an equally skilled player to get him the puck. Enter Kristian Huselius.

You could tell that Peca loves the acquisition of R.J. Umberger, who he thinks would do well skating with Nash and Huselius.

"I think we have a great blend of youth and experience, size and skill," Peca said. "There are just a lot of things to be upbeat and excited about."

Wow.... never thought I'd hear those words from Peca and he is a guy who has always struck me as someone who chooses his words carefully. Those boys are believers in that locker room.



Anonymous said...

Any pics or videos of today's practice?

LTL said...

I don't have any sorry. I did see this particular blogger posted some pics though -->


Anonymous said...

I have heard Peca feels great, feels ready and said he is going to be 'a different player this year' (which is exactly what we need. We didn't need to see more of that floater like we did last year!). His leg, as much as if felt good, was more of a mental issue with him, but he feels great.

I have also heard that he looks really quick in the scrimmages and a lot better than last year.

Another player who is a determined m'effer is Modin. Apparently he is a man on a mission already.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy said...

This season cant get here soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!

Max said...

I went to the practice today.... big mistake! Now I'm even hungrier for hockey!!!!! It was good to see Chimera's face... already cut up! Were there a couple buckeyes there?