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Monday, September 22, 2008

Need a hockey fix?

A little birdie told me that allegedly you can go to this link and stream either the Leafs/Sabres or Flyers/Devils game (it shows Rangers/Sens for some reason). The quality certainly isn't HD but its servicable.

Bummer about the Rangers game as I wanted to check out Z but hey, any game is better than no game. What would be really sweet is if the Jackets game showed up tomorow!

Edit: A buddy just sent me the link to the Rangers game -- check it out here.

Also the interface for Jacket TV has been completely revamped and improved. Definitely check it out here.



Erik said...


Here is a good read

I sure hope he's right.. can't the season start already.... Let's GO JACKETS

BTW how many people agree with me that a good start is crucial to our playoff run... I think that if we get 2 wins out of the first 4 games (Stars, Sharks, Coyotes, Predators) we are going in the right direction..

LTL said...

Thanks for the link Erik.. good stuff.

I completely agree with you about the fast start...very important. Unfortunately I look back to last year's nice start and then cry :)