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Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Mirasty

I saw these vids over on HFBoards and have to post them here. Here is 5'9" John Mirasty taking on 6'7" Derek Boogaard:

Really its unbelievable he can hang right in there with a guy so much bigger than he is.

Here is his fight with Gratton last night:

I absolutely love this quote from him in the paper this morning:

Mirasty, who will be sent to the minors within a week, might get another chance to play tonight in the return game at Nashville. He plans to keep close watch on Predators agitator Jordin Tootoo.

"He's not going to be running around out there, at least as long as I'm still here," Mirasty said.



Tom said...

Too cool - especially last night's go-around.

I've got a (replica) CBJ jersey and intentionally left the name/numbers off because I had a feeling that the club was going to turn over. I presumed that I would go with Nash as a default. I might now go with Mirasty. That is one spunky guy.

Max said...

Mirasty beat up on Gratton pretty good. That kid's nuts. I like him better than I like Kenopka!

Bethany said...

I'm absolutely twitterpated with Jon Mirasty right now. I mean, honestly, he's so entertaining. I posted up an interview he did when he was with the Crunch last season. He's great.

tom said...

to me, i think little jon mirasty looks surprisingly similar to another small in stature but great in grit player.......tie domi! both are not the biggest of guys but are willing to take on much bigger foes. if this guy keeps this kind of work up, and can add some scoring here and there, i think clumbus has found a 20 yr younger version of the "domi"nator. thoughts?