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Monday, September 22, 2008

Blues new 3rds (UPDATED with new Buffalo 3rds)

In case you haven't seen them yet here are the St. Louis Blues new 3rd jerseys:

Pretty sharp. You can view more pics off their web site here.

Here are Buffalo's new 3rds:

Would have been really nice but what is up with the needless piping? Whomever designs/approves the Sabres unis needs canned asap. I mean how do you screw up such a classic look?



BZArcher said...

I'd like to acknowledge the commitment from Brad Boyes to grow an accurate period 1970s pornstache to go with the uniforms, too.

Scott S said...

They are very sharp, they look similar to the Bruins jersey at first glance.

Interesting rumor from Mr. Eklund over on Apparently there's now a Central Division team involved in the Sundin situation. From the article:

Information is very sketchy right now...but I shutter to say that according to this agent, who reps several other Swedish players, Sundin may very well be "on the clock."

"We are hearing that two teams have 48 hours and that time may have started at noon today. The two teams are somewhat surprising as well. One is Vancouver, the other is "in the Central Division."

According to the source, although he believes these latest deadlines may have been put into place by the teams, that is "Not a certainty." It is possible that Mats has given these teams some "new and relevant guidelines."

Yeah I know. Its Eklund and furthermore its unlikely the jackets would really be interested, much less Sundin interested in them, but its really the first time I've heard a "Central Division team" mentioned in the Sundin rumors, so I found it rather interesting.

LTL said...

Unfortuantley he won't consider a team like Columbus at this point in his career.

He'll probably sign with the Wings for the league minimum.


Anonymous said...

If it is a central team who is interested, it isn't Columbus.

Re: jersey's. Not bad. They look like Minny's jersey--that reddish one.