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Friday, September 26, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Things could get "nasty" tonight

There has been a line-up change tonight. John "Nasty" Mirasty has been added to the roster while it looks like Adam Pineault has been removed.

This appears to be in response to the Preds bring alot of "rock-heads" (as my friend put it) to town for the Jackets first home pre-season game of the year.

The lineup should be as follows:

F1: Rick Nash, Derick Brassard, Kristian Huselius
F2: Fredrik Modin, R.J. Umberger, Jake Voracek
F3: Jason Chimera, Manny Malhotra, Andrew Murray
F4: Tom Sestito, Derek MacKenzie, John Mirasty

D1: Fedor Tyutin, Rostislav Klesla
D2: Jan Hejda, Mike Commodore
D3: Christian Backman, Kris Russell

G1: Pascal Leclaire
G2: Dan LaCosta

Personally I think its a great move putting Nasty in the lineup. In fact I wish Hitch would put Dorsett in there as well. One thing is for certain, the Jackets are going to have to beat a wins out of this team this year and it start tonight at home.

Some other stories to follow tonight:

* This game marks the Jackets debuts of: Umberger, Commodore, Tyutin, Huselius and Backman -- pretty exciting!

* How will the two young studs in Jakub Voracek and Derick Brassard (of whom I've dubbed Jakeass....Jake+Brassard) against a stout a Pred defesnse? How will they gel with their linemates in game action?

* Who gets first dibs at Tootoo? My vote goes to Commodore although I think Dorsett would have have been a better matchup (that kid can bring it).

* This is the projected starting will they do on the tranistion? Can Russell and Backman brings signs of life to the PP? I think the top 4 are going to be very physical.

* I personally can't wait to see Tyutin.

* Remember that cheap shot on Vyborny last year from Erat? I certainly hope some of the Jackets players do.

* You know its got to be eating Jared Boll up to not be able to get into a game like this.

We need those hammers ready to throw in the regular season so its a good move to hold him out and let that hand continue to heal.

* Leclaire gets his first start of the preseason. All eyes will be watching to see if he comes out of the gate flashing the (what should have been All-Star) form from his breakout season last year.

* How long until someone drops the gloves? I give it 5 minutes tops.

Who doesn't want to see John "Nasty" Mirasty throw down tonight?

This is our first opportunity to get some new traditions started in Nationwide this year. I will promote 1 idea each game to see if we can get something new going. I'm open to any suggestions so be sure to click on the "Crowd Chant" link to the right of this page to suggest ideas.

Tonight lets go with the crowd salute after the National Anthem conludes.

Hitch wants this one tonight... and he wants it bad. Its only the preseason but a game like this where we are pretty much icing our roster can really set the tone in terms of how good and how tough of a team they can be. I look for a rough and tumble game between two teams that to achieve success need to work hard each and every night.

For those looking for a watering hole pre/post game I have been told the Garage Bar is welcoming all hockey fans while the R Bar is in transition to its new location. Adult beverages are $2 bottles and $3 tall boys. Its located right off of Neil Ave. next to the Lodge Bar.

If you can swing it I certainly recommend making it out for this one tonight. Even in preseason games against Nashville are must-watch hockey....and its time that the Jackets start coming out on the winning side of these tilts.




Jeff E. said...

I saw this street hockey mask over on I think the crossed cannons would make a sweet logo for a 3rd jersey

Anonymous said...

Will the game be televised on any station or programming package?

Anonymous said...

Is he missing part of a finger?
That guy looks like he would be in prison if not for hockey

Pyle said...

Can it be considered a debut if it's not regular season?

In principal I get it, but until the real thing starts I don't get too hepped-up over a pre-season squabble with a "rival". Just my opinion, I think some fans get too excited over glorified scrimmages that in principal don't mean anything.

Just my two cents

Anonymous said...

But it still will be fun

wally said...

You guys ever read his bio...?

Mixed matrial arts competition? That comes out of left field... Wow!

LTL said...

Pyle -- I get reved up over training camp practices so I'm probably a bad judge for this kind of thing... :)


colin said...

cant wait to see to see mirasty knock tootoo out tonight its gonna be awesome

Max said...

Who's going to the bar after? I'm 90% I'll be there. Look for the kid with the sweet goatee. LTL, are you going?

LTL said...

Max - unfortunately I can't make pre/post game activities tonight as I'll have my 3 year old with me.

I will however, use this game as a teaching opportunity:

Lesson 1:

Whenever 22 is on the ice repeat after me: "Poopoo on Tootoo"

Lesson 2:

Whenever John Mirasty is on the ice repeat after me: "Lets get Nasty Mirasty"

Lesson 3:

After Leo Welsh is introduced repeat after me: "LEO!!"

Of course that is in addition to the "Lets Go Jackets" and "Jackets on the PP" chants that we are used to..

That reminds me... we need to work on a crowd chant tonight.. I'm going with the Jackets crowd salute after the anthem ends (tell your friends)...

I also wonder what the goal song will be...assuming we score of course!


LTL said...

Max - one more thing.. I'll be at the garage bar on Monday night pre/post game..


pa28flyer said...

Mirasty looks like a walking nightmare. Yikes.

BTW, only kidding, Mr. Nasty. No offense. Ha ha. Right?

Scott S said...

Didn't Backman already make his Debut? I thought he was in the first preseason game against Chicago.

LTL said...

Your right, he did Scott.. I screwed that one up!

Let me rephrase "he'll make his home debut tonight" :)


Anonymous said...

You were right on Mirasty dropping the gloves. Took all of 2 and a half minutes. :)

Anonymous said...

Apparently he wanted to go again later in the game but nobody wanted ANY part of him.