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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some light reading

There are a couple of articles I wanted to point out to you today.

The first is this article by Gare Joyce on Stefan Legein. Not a lot of new info but Joyce does make some interesting points.

Then we have another article on about our good ole pal Doug MacLean joining the their Hockeycentral Panel for the 2008-2009 season. I love this paragraph:

MacLean, the Summerside, PEI native, is viewed as one of the most intelligent hockey minds in the business. His NHL experience is highlighted by coaching the Florida Panthers to the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals. In 1998, MacLean became the first GM of the expansion Columbus Blue Jackets and took over as interim Head Coach during the 2002-03 season. His tenure with Columbus concluded at the end of the 2006-07 season.

Most intelligent hockey mind in the business? Haha. Thanks for the laugh this mornin. I will say one thing though, the guy can certainly BS with the best of em. Can't wait to hear his thoughts on the Jackets (not really).

Things should really start picking up next week as believe it or not, rookie camp begins next Friday!!!

REMINDER: Blue Jackets pre-season special debuts today at 12:30 on FSN Ohio.



Anonymous said...

You're right, the article on Legein says nothing. Yes, Maclean is one of the most intelligent hockey minds out there. Right. That is why there were a zillion openings this year and he didn't get one of them within the NHL. The clowns in Tampa didn't even want anything to do with him (although I think he would have fit right in...I bet he loves that team!) Maclean set the bluejackets back 2-3 years with his drafting alone, nevermind the mess that he made in terms of the business side of things. Total idiot that man.

I like the part at the bottom of that article that says his 'tenure' with the blue jackets ended last spring (or whatever it says).

He is perfect for that job--just another blowhard know-it-all that can't really get the job done in the league so they get to sit in front of a camera and APPEAR that they know what they know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Look for much criticism from Maclean towards the blue jackets this season. The guy is as sour as the peel of a banana and he is just WAITING for them to falter in any form so he can tear into them.

Can't stand that guy.