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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Gentlemen, start your evaluations

The first 3 days of practice have been good for coaches and fans alike to get a preliminary read on the new faces and to see how existing ones have progresses/regressed. That's a start but there is nothing like game action to get a real good read on where players stand.

...and that starts tonight in Chicago at 8:30 EST followed by a game tomorrow night in Minnesota.

Here are the Jackets lines for tonight according to Puck-rakers:




Definitely an interesting mix of locks, damn near locks and prospects/veterans competing for open spots.

Here are some of the game-within-a-game stories I'll be following:

* How does Christian Backman QB the PP?

* A line that did a fantastic job last preseason has been re-united --- Chimera-Brassard-Voracek are back together. I assume Hitch wants to get these kids as much pre-season time as possible while resting the vets like Nash and Huselius which is why Brass has been temporarily broken up from them. Chimera gives the kids a veteran to play with whom can handle the rough stuff if needed.

* Plenty of willing combatants in the lineup with Dorsett, Sestito and Tollefsen. Boll is also in there but has been told not to drop them -- we'll see if that lasts.

* York-Novotny-Murray could very well be the fourth line this year. York is a guy I'm very interested in seeing in game action as he's just been so-so during practice thus far.

* Kelly and MacKenzie are both having good camps and are making early strong cases to be 1st and 2nd callups -- lets see how they do tonight in game action.

* The only guaranteed roster spot to a d-man is Backman -- other than that everyone else has something to play for tonight.

* Norrena should see a lot of preseason work and I think he could benefit more than most tonight by putting in a solid night's worth of work to get that confidence rolling.

The 'hawks will be rolling out some studs in Kane and Sharp up front but its in the backend where they are hauling out the big guns early with Campbell, Seabrook, Barker and Keith all scheduled to suit up. No Huet or Kahbby in goal though.

Check out to see a pretty cool new graphic for opening night.

Here is a "Stat of the Day" for you (which will be returning much more regularly now that games have begun) -- the Jackets went 3-3-2 last pre-season. In fact they lost their first two games.

First cuts were made yesterday. Calvert, Delisle and Regner were all sent back to their junior teams. Out of the trio of 2008 draft picks Clavert seemed to leave the best impression but these players will be given plenty of time to develop and improve their games over the next couple of seasons.

Maybe we'll get lucky and be able to stream the game tonight on Why the NHL/Jackets don't at least stream these games on-line is beyond me.

I did check 1460's schedule and it looks like they will have the games on via live stream and over-the-air. I'm not sure if the FM home of the Jackets will be airing them as I couldn't find their on-line schedule but my guess is yes, they will be.

I know does a decent job with live box scores for these pre-season games for anyone wanting to track the progress online.

Game finally on tonight boys and girls!

UPDATE: Just received word that the Jackets will be streaming the game tonight live on their web site. Apparently my wish was granted tonight :)

Just received updated word that the game will either be streamed live on the Jackets web site or the 'hawks - so please check both.

There is also a nice game preview here. I also just read that the 'hawks are expecting a near sell out tonight at the United Center. Impressive for a team that did not qualify for the playoffs and that fact that its preseason.

Well apparently it will not be streamed at all now. Sorry for the rollercoaster ride folks.




jeremy said...

Just a question but is CD101 still the FM home of the CBJ? Did anyone else notice last Friday at the open house/free pizza/etc that QFM 96 was broadcasting out front?

Also, did anyone else notice that Chipolte has stepped up sponsership and has their name on the ice?

LTL said...

Jeremy I did notice the Chipoote logo on the ice. I also noticed that the Bud Light logo is gone.

I wonder if in addition to Chipolte upping their sponsorship if Bud Light is decreasing theirs?

Good to know I'm not the only one who notices this stuff!


LTL said...

Oh and not sure about the FM question. I hadn't heard of an official switch but who knows.

They do seem to be doing a lot of CBJ promotion on their web sit --


drew dawg said...

LTL can't find that graphic for opening night. Can you post a link?

LTL said...

Drew - I was actually referring to the splash page when you hit the Jackets web site. More of an advertisement for opening night than anything else. Thought it was a cool shot of the nat though.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Bud light change has to do with Budwesiser ownership changes?

Anonymous said...

that is a very good possibility....economy isnt great..less sponsorship dollars to move around

BZArcher said...

LTL - As far as I know CD101 is still the official sponsor, but Wags and Elliot are both big hockey fans and the CBJ finally noticed that QFM talks more Hockey in the mornings than 1460 talks all day! :)

LTL said...

Looks like I need to start listening to more QFM96... Hell I may even link those guys.

Thanks for the heads up BZ!


Anonymous said...

The game will be streamed on the internet. You can listen at or


Anonymous said...

8:08pm EDT Clicked on the "Listen Live" link on the CBJ website... George, Billy, and Mark are doing the pre-game show... *If you hear "dead-air" (nothing)... give it a few minutes. There are rules to airing certain things (copyrights, rights fees, etc) that cannot be fed over the internet vs. terrestrial radio. Enjoy!


Max said...

CD101 plays every single jackets game... period. So you can always plug in 101.1 and hear the sweet sweet sound of George Mathews and Bill Dadvige. I'm listening to the game on my computer.

Anonymous said...

George and Bill are of the worst radio guys in the game. You never know what is going on with George and Bill talks to the audience as if we are all a bunch of 3 year olds.

Bill is too pretty for radio anyway.