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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jackets make game of it

The Jackets dressed a bunch of lower line guys and propsects but still managed to hang in there against a pretty stacked Wild squad losing 2-1.

Jiri Novotny collected the goal with Voracek and Clitsome with the assgits. Freddy Norrena stopped 29 of 31 shots.


* Freddy Norrena did his job and held this team in for the first two periods when the Jackets were outshot 25-12.

* Jakub Voracek seemed to show well again tonight as I heard his name many times and he collected his second assist in as many games.

* Grant Clitsome, the kid many have been raving about since prospecet camp made one hell of an impression tonight. He led all players with 23+ minutes of ice time and displayed keen hockey sense and the poise we've been seeing. I look for him to get bumped from Group 'B' to Group 'A' asap so the Jackets can take a longer look at this guy. Now it wasn't a perfect night for him as he was a -2 and didn't get any shots on goal but he seemed to be all over the ice making plays.

* Jiri Novotny with another goal. What can you say besides this guy wants to keep his job and he's certainly making a big case early.

* Natiowide Jackets commercials - specifically the Jazz one - A+++

* PK killed all Wild penalties (I believe it was 9 total). Bounced back well after allowing 2 PP goals the night before.

* Andrew Murray was solid...again.

* Jackets managed to snare a PP goal which was good. Hard to get a read on where the PP stands with the mixed bag of players we've seen thus far but all I know is the two botched 5 minute majors two nights in a row reminds me of last year's nightmares on the PP.

* Nice 3rd period outshooting the Wild 11 to 5.

* Although Mayorov got limited time (only 8:50) the radio crew was impressed with his play and he seemed to make some things happen. Same with Pinneault.

* Dorsett took a nasty one. I think I heard Mathews say his name again at some point. This kid is a gamer though and dropped em again.

* Paging Michael York. Seriously did anyone hear his name during this game? Did not hear much out of Clay Wilson either.

* That Chipotle "burrito" song commercial. Yeah I remember it so it did its job but Miley Cyrus songs are less annoying.

* No streaming of the game online. Again no excuse.

3 Bright Lights on the Night
1. Freddy Norrena - played very well and kept the team alive in this one which is all you can ask for
2. Grant Clitsome - great debut
3. Jazz - laughing just thinkin about that commercial..well done Nationwide!

Some good quotes in the paper today with Hitch singling out Novoty, Norrena and Murray. I'm going to have to revise my thoughts on Novonty it seems!

Boys are back at it today at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Nikita Filatov is expected to hit the ice for the first time this camp.

They take on those Preds tomorrow night and word has it the Jackets plan to ice a veteran laced roster. Don't want miss this one!



Erik said...

I have to agree with LTL, Novotny is making a case for himself, and so is Murray.
York seems to disappear on the ice, I was hoping that all the talk about his fitness level would translate into a little bit more performance, didn't catch much Matvichuk talk either.. Novotny has skill, wasn't he a 1st round pick for Buffalo ?? Anyways, Novontny is a nice commodity to have on the 4th line, maybe less ice time this year will translate into a more consistent performance throughout the season?? To sum it up, 2-1 against the Wild who dressed 13 regulars is pretty impressive.. Let's go Jackets

BTW is there any info about any of the pre-season games being streamed ???

JF said...

Hard to evaluate a guy's progress over the radio. And knowing Hitch, he was probably looking for certain things out of certain guys, and not how many times they touched the puck. That said, it was dang exciting.

soultrain said...

I think these were good solid games for some of the younger players and the prospects. It is going to be nice to see how some of them handle playing with more regulars and to finally get to see this team live on Friday night. Can't wait for the game to get here.

Anonymous said...

if by streaming, you mean video streaming, the only one that will probably show up, (barring an announcement from FSN OH) will probably be the leafs game up in Toronto, due to all of their games being televised on leafs tv.....the nhl has a list of all preseason games, and none of the cbj games other than that have any network listed