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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Highlights from last night

Just a quick post. Minnesota Wild TV has some game highlights up. You can check out, among other things, Voracek's sweet pass by following this link.



Chris said...

Amazing eyes from Jake. Great Pass!

Think both goals show why our young D-men still need some work.

WALLY said...

The Wild's goals didn't seem all that impressive. Nice pass from Jakub though... I love that kind of passing and play. Hope the CBJ can mix it up a little more.

I won't get down on our D so much as the offense still needs to step it up. You're not going to win many games one-to-nothing.

Darr said...

First Goal was terrible no defense and five hole again on Norrena.

Second Goal looked like D League Defense. And Norrena again didn't have a chance

What a pass. Easy goals when you play like that.

Max said...

Hey Darr, shouldn't you be working? You know... us Jackets fans are thirsty! LOL