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Monday, June 2, 2008

Your call

2000 - 4th - Rusty Klesla
2001 - 8th - Pascal Leclaire
2002 - 1st - Rick Nash
2003 - 4th - Nikolai Zherdev
2004 - 8th - Alexandre Picard
2005 - 6th - Gilbert Brule
2006 - 6th - Derrek Brassard
2007 - 7th - Jakub Voracek
2008 - 6th - ??
2008 - 19th - ??

Columbus has never traded a 1st round pick or a player they've selected 1st overall. So I ask, will that change? If so, what is the first to go?

Your call in in the comments below.



LTL said...

I'm going to have to say the 19th overall will be the first 1st round asset to be traded. I think it will be close though between that and Nik Zherdev. Heck those could be packaged together.


Neal said...

If Howson can get someone like Pavel Kubina for the 19th, I'm all for trading that pick away.

I'm not sure there is anyone available worth giving up the #6 pick for. Whether it be Schnn, Filatov or Pietrangelo; the #6 pick just seems too valuable for the names being thrown around.

Douglas said...

I was talking to a buddy about this last night. Two things: (1) It's sort of unrelated, but for the record, our flops were drafted by MacLean, and Howson picked Voracek, so I say "so far, so good" and I think he'll pick more winners. (2) NO WAY do I trade a center like Marleau, who has seemingly hit his peak, for a #6 overall pick. Hitch is always talking about how your picks are how you build your team. The only way I trade that pick away is for a center who (a) is still in his top-game potential and (b) WANTS to play in Columbus (do we need another F**te?) and (c) agrees to play Hitch's game. That's it, and I don't see that happening. Keep the #6!

Anonymous said...

yeah its hockey nerdy, but columbus actually HAS traded a #1 pick. They traded Tugnutt and a 2nd for the #20 pick in the 2002 draft. After two trade downs, they wound up with Joakim Lindstrom and crap.
Thanks MacLean!

LTL said...

Hey I love hockey nerdy!! That is good info anonymous.. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info!