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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its pains me to stay it but...

....congrats Detroit!

(excuse me while I go wash my mouth out with soap)

They were the best team this year and it really showed in the playoffs. I didn't think they'd have the goaltending to get it done but I was wrong. Osgood answered the bell to backstop the Wings to their 11th championship.

The key once again for me watching the Wings is that they convert on the PP chances and their defense creates soooo much of their offense. Both areas the Jackets need to improve dramatically this offseason to compete for a playoff spot.

I don't know about the rest of ya but it sure would be nice to see the Jackets hosting that cup some day.

The good news is that now we can finally get the offseason rolling. Draft, trades, buy outs, free agency -- its all about to kick into overdrive.

Howson, your officially on the clock.

Tic toc.



Pub said...

This SHOULD be the most exciting off season on CBJ history. If it is not...then we are truly in trouble.

Anonymous said...

any word on Joe Thornton trade

LTL said...


While its fun to speculate (as you can see by my posts!) I realistically wouldn't anticipate San Jose moving Joe Thornton.

You never know but I see him as their centerpiece and guy they plan to move forward with.

The Sharks player to keep an eye on is Marleau. Many think that if Marleau is moved they'll come up the big change to sign future free agent Brian Campbell.

They have plenty of cap space but they stick to a strict internal budget and many think they can't afford both Marleau and Campbell.

The Jackets of course could use either player. Keep an eye on that team.


Douglas said...

(OK, Detroit, listen good because this is the only nice thing I'll say about you for a long time)

LTL, I suppose it's obvious and we could go on for hours about how and why DET won the cup, but I think their uncanny ability to move the puck to wherever and whomever they want was key as well. I guess that's part of what you're saying about getting their offense from their D. Still... watching them pass, I felt like I was watching the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Seniors Rec League.

It was sick. It made *me* sick. (And insane with envy.)