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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6th unlikely to be dealt and more

Just got done listening to the Hitch's radio show on Scott Howson was on for the final segment and had some interesting things to say about trading that #6 pick.

Basically he reiterated that it would take a substantial player to move that 6th pick. Said there are maybe 12 players he'd move it for and maybe 3 of them are available. Said the organization has to be real careful because if they move that pick and they did their jobs correctly - they would be playing against that player for 10 to 12 years in this league. Said the player they would get in return would have to contribute immediately and figure into the organizations plans for 5 to 6 years.

Translation -- don't count on that pick going anywhere folks.

Unfortunately he didn't get into much trade talk past that. Said that they have a mandate to get better now and that he will do what makes sense for franchise. If nothing happens they will make their selections and then re-focus for free agency the following week.

He is really keeping his cards close to his chest. I think he is well aware that he can't afford to come out of that draft without a trade -- not to appease us fans dying for some action, but more importantly to fill large holes on his roster and generate some buzz for his team which will make it a lot more attractive to potential free agents come July 1st.

I don't see any scenario where that 19th pick isn't moved for immediate help. He absolutley must come out of this draft at a minimum with a player that can help now for that pick -- or for a package that involves that pick.

Also did you catch both in Puck-rakers and on Hitch's show the names of the prospects that are in town following the "Jared Boll Road to the NHL Workout Program".

Brassard, Voracek, Sestito, Holden, Plekhanov, Pineault and Rome are all spending the summer in Columbus getting a jump start on camp and working out. They are all doing this on their own accords hoping to repeat what Jared Boll did last year -- which was come out of nowhere and make the team straight out of camp.

Some have better chances than others of course.

Looking at the offensive players coming there are highly skilled guys like Voracek and Brassard who want to build strength to help them get them through a NHL season. I am pleasantly surprised Voracek is spending his offseason in Columbus as I thought he go back over to Europe.

A guy like Sestito will want to build strength and endurance as he'll try to carve out a niche next to Boll as a bottom line player in a energy/physical/enforcer roll.

Pineault, who has a couple of AHL years under his belt, is right there on that NHL/AHL line and by him coming to Columbus this summer - he is showing he'll do whatever he has to do to make that push to a full time NHL job.

Defensively Rome stands the best chance of that group to stick out of camp. He proved very capable in his 17 game late season audition that saw him score 1g, 1a go a -4 and collect 33 PIMs. He's in real good situation to make the cut as a 5/6 d-man depending on how the offseason unfolds and is obviously using this summer to make that push.

Plekanov opened some eyes with his play in Syracuse last season and quite frankly I'm pleasantly surprised to see his name on this list -- its a sign he really wants to make a push for the big team and he's shown he's got the raw skill to make that push.

Holden was the UFA WHL defensemen the Jackets signed this summer out of Chilliwack. He figures to start his pro career in Syracuse but this is his first chance to impress the CBJ brass and see what it takes to be a pro off the ice and he isn't going to miss this opportunity.

All in all I love to see these guys in town getting after it. Off the ice workouts can be just as important as on the ice but twice as hard to get motivated for because quite frankly -- its not the way most of want to spend their summers. Still these guys are chasing their dreams and if there is an edge to be gained its good to see some of our top prospects taking advantage of it.

Propsect camp starts July 7th -- we know this group at the very least will be there.

Update: According to the Dispatch this morning on a article about the prospects in town training (great read btw!) Derek Dorsett is also part of this group. Which to me is a great thing because he's my dark hourse to make this team out of camp. This guy is an agitator who can really bring it physically and with the fistacuffs -- he could be our answer to guys like Tootoo. I get excited when thinking about Boll, Dorsett and Sestito in our lineup against a team like Nashville.



Pub said...

Where the HELL is Brule.

Thats all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you pub: THIS is why Brule is the player he is!

Anonymous said...

I've accepted Brule doesn't care about Columbus.

Where is Russell, though? That little guy needs to be with the strength and conditioning coach more than anybody else in the organization.

Anonymous said...

I dont' think Brule 'doesn't care about Columbus' I just think he doesn't get it. That being said, he is likely working out wherever he is.

Russell is doing some extreme training in his hometown of Caroline.

I am sure they are all well into their training regimes at this point...wherever they are. Just because they aren't in Columbus doesn't mean they aren't getting ready.

Matt said...

Anyone else notice that Voracek put on 18 pounds of muscle so far, and wants to add another 5 pounds before training camp? -Damn!-

He sounds like he's turning into a beast right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

It's well and good that Russell and Brule are working out wherever they may be in the offseason, but it doesn't exactly show the same amount of dedication as the others who are here in Columbus now.

They are proving to the city, the fans, the front office, and to themselves just how much they want it.

Brule and Russell aren't showing me anything. Without Brennan breathing down their neck, they can get lazy.

"Sure, I'll take a day off now. Why not?"

Pub said...

Hopefully Brule is no longer a Jacket after next Friday. Maybe MacLdumb can get a job and we can trade him to his hineass.

Anonymous said...

To most recent anonymous:

So every single player who isn't in town right now (and there aren't many) aren't dedicated? Right.

Yes, it is great that these guys are in town, but just because the others aren' is ridiculous to assume that they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing.

As for your 'scenario' about how they could take a day off...gimme a break. Kris Russell didn't make it to the level in his career thus far by being lazy and I highly doubt he has to fight thoughts that the average person does. The little smurf is a heck of a player, and if anything, he is working harder simply because he knows first hand what is demanded of him throughout an entire NHL season.

Clearly, none of these guys are 'average'. If they were, we wouldn't be obsessing about them on the internet.

Anonymous said...


The only guy who would hire that jackass at this point would be McDumbER!