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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick hitter

Here is what Pierre LeBrun of is predicting some of the big name UFAs might land:

Ryan Malone, 28, Pittsburgh Penguins: A rugged two-way winger who scores clutch goals and protects his teammates, I just love this guy. But I suspect a team is going to overpay next week. He's a terrific $3-million player. He may get as much as $5 million on the open market and keep your eye on the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Wade Redden, 31, Ottawa Senators: This is a guy I would defintely target if I were an NHL GM. His stock took a bit of a hit last season but I guarantee he will come back strong next season. "He's one of the smartest defencemen in the NHL," one NHL GM told me at the entry draft. Columbus and Carolina will be among the many teams I predict will try and sign him but also keep an eye on San Jose if the Sharks lose Campbell.

Not a lot of surprise there.

Something else also hit me like a ton of bricks this afternoon. With Wellwood getting picked up in Vancouver does that spell the definite end to Brendan Morrison's time as a Canuck?

He may also be a target of the Jackets if he is allowed to hit the market. I 1/2 combo of Umberger/Morrison wouldn't be the sexiest of names up the middle of a lineup but it would certainly give us two capable guys. Then if a guy like Brassard is ready one can shuffle to a wing or 3rd line center.

Morrison also wouldn't break the bank which would leave plenty of left over dough to address other holes.

Something to think about.

Of course we also can't rule out trade possibilities - I'm still drooling af the thought of Umberger/Vermette/Brassard down the middle.

Over the next or two I'll post my rankings from highest to lowest in terms of free agents the Jackets would most like to acquire.



#11 said...

Just wanted to quickly chime in that you've got yourself one hell of a blog. Love your stuff!

googlewiz said...

You should read what they say about Morrison on the Vancouver HF boards. He is washed up, he will be on th injured list until September, and they don't want him there, they say he is only half the man he used to be, before the injuries! Just thought you needed to know.

LTL said...

Thanks #11!

Googlewiz - yep, I've seen those comments over there. Of course many over there think Modin is washed up as well after one injury plagued season.

Morrison before last year, played 6 straight seasons without missing one game. He averaged 59 points over that span. Heck in 39 games last year he still racked up 25 points.

Again, he's not the headline grabber many want..heck he's not my first choice either...but he would help and still allow us to fill our many other holes.

With as many holes as we have we aren't going to get perfect players for every one. If we can't find something better, Morrison on a 2 year deal worth 2 to 3 mil a season is chance worth taking. Howson and co. will do their homework on him - give him a physical, etc - before committing.

Thanks for the comments guys!!